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US Ambassadors to Syria, Russia Both Leaving

Robert Ford, Michael McFaul will be gone by the end of the month

(Newser) - By the end of the month, the Obama administration will have lost its top diplomats in two of its most important posts. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford and Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul both announced their impending resignations today, the AP reports . Here's what you should know about each: More »

US May Soon Recognize Syrian Opposition

Phones, Internet still cut off

(Newser) - Syria's new opposition coalition is working toward a transitional government—and if it achieves the goal soon, formal US recognition may not be far behind. Britain, France, Turkey, and the Gulf Cooperation Council recognize the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, as it's formally called, but... More »

US Ambassador to Syria Flees After Threats

State media has published more incendiary things about Robert Ford than usual

(Newser) - US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford was pulled from the country this weekend, after the Obama administration received “credible threats against his personal safety,” a State Department spokesman announced today, accusing Bashar Assad’s regime of waging an “incitement campaign” against the ambassador. “At this point... More »

Syrians Throw Eggs at US Ambassador

He was on his way to meet an opposition leader

(Newser) - An angry crowd of Bashar al-Assad supporters pelted US ambassador to Syria Robert Ford with tomatoes and eggs today on his way to meet with opposition leader Hassan Abdul-Azim, opposition activists tell the AP . Once Ford was inside Abdul-Azim’s office, the mob stormed the building, trying to break the... More »

Syrian Protesters Attack US Embassy

Windows smashed, graffiti scrawled in response to Robert Ford's visit

(Newser) - Syrian government supporters smashed windows at the US Embassy in Damascus, raised a Syrian flag in place of a French one at that country's embassy, and scrawled graffiti calling American ambassador Robert Ford a "dog" today in anger over the envoy's visit last week to an opposition... More »

US Ambassador Visits Syria Flashpoint City

Regime accuses ambassador of interfering, destabilizing

(Newser) - America's ambassador to Syria visited one of the cities worst-hit by the crackdown against anti-government protesters yesterday, reports CNN . Robert Ford went to the city of Hama "to make absolutely clear with his physical presence that we stand with those Syrians who are expressing their right to speak... More »

SC Lawmaker Under Fire for 'Brothers' Remark

Jokes that we need immigrants because blacks, whites don't work hard enough

(Newser) - A black state senator in South Carolina has caused a ruckus with his argument against a law curbing illegal immigration. The US needs these immigrants, said Robert Ford, because they're willing to do hard work that ordinary Americans won't. Except he used far more colorful language: "I know brothers—... More »

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