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Israel, Hamas OK 12-Hour Ceasefire

Israel had just rejected truce proposal from John Kerry

(Newser) - Hours after Israel rejected John Kerry's proposed ceasefire, Israel and Hamas have agreed to a 12-hour humanitarian truce starting at 7am Israeli time, a US official told the Jerusalem Post . Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Kerry about the new arrangement, CNN reports. In rebuffing his earlier proposal, officials said... More »

Syrian Truce Might Be Crumbling Already

Four people killed in first few hours of four-day 'ceasefire'

(Newser) - Just hours after it began, fighting broke out during what was supposed to be a four-day ceasefire between Syrian troops and rebel fighters in honor of the Eid al-Adha holiday, reports Reuters . Activists say four people were killed by tank fire and snipers in a Damascus suburb, and a Reuters... More »

Syrian Army Agrees to Holiday Truce

Ceasefire in effect for Eid al-Adha

(Newser) - The Syrian military says it will cease military operations for four days starting tomorrow in observance of a major Muslim holiday. In the announcement read on state TV today, however, the army said it would still respond to gunfire or roadside bombs and keep rebels from bolstering their positions or... More »

UN: Syria, Rebels Agree to 4-Day Eid Truce

There will be a truce for the upcoming Muslim holiday

(Newser) - Bashar al-Assad's regime and Syrian rebels have agreed to a temporary truce that coincides with the four-day Eid al-Adha holiday, a UN mediator tells Reuters . Lakhdar Brahimi said that various rebel groups had agreed to the ceasefire "in principle," but CNN notes that Assad's side says... More »

UN Monitors Arrive as Syria Shells Homs

'Ceasefire,' Syria style

(Newser) - The first UN monitors have arrived in Syria just as the promised ceasefire appears to be going up in smoke with the government's shelling of Homs. Some 25 were killed in attacks yesterday, reports the BBC . Six UN observers have arrived in Damascus. The remaining 25 are expected to... More »

North: Korean War Is Back On

North declares end to peace deal, restarts its nuclear plant

(Newser) - North Korea warned today that it no longer considers itself bound by the 1953 truce that brought the Korean War to an effective—but not official—end. The country said South Korea's announcement yesterday that it is joining a US-led initiative to stop ships suspected of carrying weapons of mass... More »

Hamas Agrees to Gaza Truce

(Newser) - Hamas says its negotiators have a reached a deal with Israel for a long-term Gaza truce, Reuters reports. A senior leader said the truce ensures the opening of all commercial crossings and will be announced over the weekend. The Egyptian-brokered pact would replace a tentative truce put in place last... More »

Palestinians Agree to Ceasefire

Israel agrees to withdraw from Gaza if truce holds

(Newser) - Hamas and other Gaza militants have agreed to an immediate ceasefire, and will allow Israel a week to pull troops out of the area, a Hamas official said today in Egypt. Israel said it would withdraw if the truce was upheld. It had declared a unilateral ceasefire beginning early this... More »

Israel Pummels Gaza Before Ceasefire Vote

2 children killed in UN school shelter: Palestinians

(Newser) - Israel launched 50 air strikes on Gaza last night ahead of a Cabinet vote on a unilateral ceasefire, the BBC reports. A tank shell hit a UN school, killing at least two children among hundreds of people who had taken refuge there, Palestinians say; Israel says it’s looking into... More »

Hamas Divided Over Continued Fighting

Locals want to stop violence; exiled leaders say keep it up

(Newser) - Hamas is split over its next steps in the continuing bloodshed in Gaza. Local leaders want an end to the violence, while exiled bosses in Syria want to keep battling until all their conditions are met, the Economist reports. Outside leaders are putting pressure on Hamas, particularly its Syrian arm,... More »

Israel Rejects Ceasefire

Call it 'unrealistic'

(Newser) - Israel today rejected a 48-hour humanitarian truce designed to allow foreign aid into Gaza, CNN reports. Israeli officials said the deal, proposed by French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, didn’t come with any assurances that Hamas would honor it. “The residents of the south of Israel must have a... More »

China Dispatches Furry Ambassadors to Taiwan

Bears names—Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan—spell "reunification"

(Newser) - China is sending a pair of pandas to Taiwan today, a peace offering that’s been in the making for 4 years, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. The nations, not known for being warm or cuddly toward each other, appear to be making amends. Last week, after a 60-year stalemate,... More »

Israel Launches Raid on Gaza

Six die in air strikes and incursion

(Newser) - Israeli tanks have attacked Hamas positions in Gaza in the first armed incursion into the region since a truce negotiated in June. At least six Hamas militants have been killed, reports the BBC. Fighting broke out after Israeli troops uncovered a tunnel along the Gaza border which they claim was... More »

Georgia Signs Ceasefire; Negotiators Head to Moscow

Kouchner brokers accord as new threats arise in Abkhazia

(Newser) - Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili has signed a ceasefire agreement drafted by the European Union, which EU mediators will present to Moscow later today. Bernard Kouchner, the French foreign minister, visited Tbilisi this morning and said that the Georgian leader was "determined to make peace." Kouchner will now try... More »

South Africa Offers Zimbabwe Truce Proposal

Opposition welcomes plan ceding real power to Tsvangirai as PM

(Newser) - South African president Thabo Mbeki has proposed a compromise in Zimbabwe’s political crisis: Let Robert Mugabe remain president in name, but hand power to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai as temporary prime minister, the Guardian reports. Members of opposition party Movement for Democratic Change were said to be largely satisfied... More »

Rockets Hit Israel, Olmert Ends Ceasefire

Islamic Jihad militants call Gaza Strip attack revenge for raid

(Newser) - Police say three Palestinian rockets have hit southern Israel and Ehud Olmert's office says the ceasefire that took effect last week has been broken. Islamic Jihad militants in the Gaza Strip say they carried out the attack to avenge an Israeli military raid that killed one of their fighters in... More »

Israel, Hamas Agree to Begin Ceasefire Thursday

But Jerusalem waiting to see if it's 'serious'

(Newser) - Israel has reached a tentative truce with Hamas, brokered by Egypt, the BBC and AP report. Starting Thursday, the two sides will begin a “mutual and simultaneous calm,” in which militants will theoretically stop their daily cross-border rocket bombardments, and Israel will in turn cease its military raids.... More »

Hamas Pitches Deal for Gaza 'Calm'

Offer to Israel, through Egypt, also provides for eventual truce in West Bank

(Newser) - Meeting with Egyptian authorities, Hamas leaders today proposed a truce with Israel in the Gaza Strip and, eventually, the West Bank, Reuters reports. A Palestinian source said the group agreed to "a calm” in Gaza and, after a “specified period,” in the West Bank. The deal, supported... More »

Olmert Nixes Hamas Truce: 'This War Will Continue'

Says Palestinian militants must first cease attacks, recognize Israel

(Newser) - Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert today refused to consider a truce with Hamas until the militant Palestinian group recognizes Israel and halts attacks in Gaza, reports the BBC. Olmert told government officials that Israel is gaining ground in stopping rocket attacks, of which 1,000 have hit Israel since Hamas... More »

Iraqi Shiite Leaders Call Truce

Sides that clashed in Karbala seek to curb bloodshed

(Newser) - Two Shiite leaders made peace in Iraq today in hope of ending their bitter feud and curbing bloodshed, Reuters reports. Moqtada Al-Sadr and Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim, leaders of parliament's main Shiite blocs, agreed to form committees and solve problems together around the country. Fighting between the factions has intensified this... More »

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