Fred Karger

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Ignored, GOP's Gay Candidate Wants to Debate

Fred Karger wants to send a message to people still in the closet

(Newser) - Fred Karger huddled in the closet for his entire 30-year career as a political strategist, keeping his sexuality a secret as he worked on nine presidential campaigns, including those of Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush. The 61-year-old Republican—who came out five years ago and is the first openly... More »

Romney Committed Voter Fraud: GOP Opponent

Fred Karger claims Romney voted in Massachusetts, didn't live there

(Newser) - When Mitt Romney voted for Scott Brown in last year’s Massachusetts special election, his voter registration listed him as living in his son’s basement. Considering Romney is worth $500 million, that little tidbit struck Fred Karger—one of Romney’s opponents in the 2012 presidential race—as odd.... More »

Meet the GOP's Gay Candidate for President

'Fred Who?' a longshot, but openly gay candidate breaking ground

(Newser) - The Republicans' best-formed candidate for 2012 isn't Romney or Huckabee: It's Fred Karger, a little-known conservative and longtime GOP operative—who happens to be openly gay. Karger is pounding the pavement in Iowa and New Hampshire, reports the Guardian , and he would be the country's first homosexual candidate for president.... More »

3 Stories