Tawakkol Karman

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Yemeni Gangs Injure Women Protesters

Thousands marched for Nobel Peace Prize–winner

(Newser) - Pro-government gangs assaulted dozens of women in Yemen yesterday marching to honor the country's new Nobel Peace Prize winner, CNN reports. Thousands of women turned out in three Yemeni provinces to celebrate Tawakkol Karman, the first Arab woman to win the prize. But the march in Taiz was disrupted... More »

One Woman Leads the Way in Yemen's Uprising

Tawakkol Karman says prez threatened her

(Newser) - Women are second-class citizens in Yemen, yet it’s a woman leading the country's latest round of protests, the Washington Post reports. Tawakkol Karman, a 32-year-old mother of three, is the country’s best-known activist, and she organized the first protests at Sanaa University following the ouster of Zine el-Abidine... More »

2 Stories