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Luck Canceled Over Horse Deaths

Producers pull plug because they can't guarantee animal safety

(Newser) - The death of a third horse turned out to be unlucky for HBO's racing series Luck. Producers have decided to cancel the show. Officials said "with heartbreak" that they're ceasing "all future production," reports the BBC . While we "maintained the highest safety standards possible,... More »

Amazing Race Producer Poisoned in Africa

Jeff Rice dead in Uganda following failed shakedown by thugs

(Newser) - An American Amazing Race producer was found dead of poisoning in an African hotel following a failed shakedown by local thugs, Fox News is reporting. Freelance producer Jeff Rice's assistant was also discovered critically ill from poisoning in the same Uganda hotel after the pair refused to comply with... More »

Brit PM Seeks Primetime Ban on Gay Kissing

David Cameron worried about kids 'losing their innocence'

(Newser) - British Prime Minister David Cameron appears close to proposing new TV regulations that would ban gay kissing on all TV programs until late at night, according to press reports. The move is the result of a government review of the effects of "sexually suggestive" TV scenes on youngsters, reports... More »

Roma Rip Fat Gypsy Weddings Show

Over-the-top shindigs fuel prejudice, say critics

(Newser) - The new Big Fat Gypsy Weddings reality series in Britain is infuriating members of the traveler community who charge that the over-the-top shindigs have very little to do with them and are fueling prejudice. The Irish Traveler Movement has demanded a "right of reply" to the Channel 4 program,... More »

4 Stories