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One of America's Most Toxic Places: a Town Called Picher

Only 3 residents remain

(Newser) - The former lead and zinc mining boomtown of Picher, Okla., has seen better days. It swelled to some 14,000 residents when bullet demand rose during both World War I and II, with Wired reporting previously that "most" of the lead found in bullets used by America during those... More »

Cereal Problem: Kids Are Getting Too Many Vitamins

Too much vitamin A, zinc, niacin can cause problems

(Newser) - We're told to get our vitamins—but there's a line when enough is enough, and when kids eat fortified breakfast cereal, they may be crossing that line, USA Today reports. "Millions of children are ingesting potentially unhealthy amounts" of three nutrients: vitamin A, zinc, and niacin, per... More »

Yes, Zinc Can Help With That Cold

New review of studies shows zinc to be effective

(Newser) - Zinc has long been the subject of debate when it comes to the common cold: Can the mineral really shorten the duration of your suffering? Yes, according to a new review of research on the topic. When zinc lozenges, tablets, or syrups are taken within 24 hours of the first... More »

3 Stories