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Scientists May Have Found Migraine Trigger —in Our Mouths

Oral bacteria could be the key

(Newser) - Certain foods like chocolate, wine, and processed meats have long been linked to migraines, and while nitrates in those foods are often seen as the culprit, it's not entirely clear why some people are more susceptible to ensuing headaches than others, reports Quartz . Now scientists are reporting in the... More »

Carnival Ride Left Woman Feeling Permanently Drunk

Since taking a spin, Brit says she's always dizzy, unbalanced

(Newser) - Most people expect to get a little dizzy while careening through the air on a high-speed, rotating carnival ride. But for 26-year-old Bobbie Lane, that dizziness turned permanent after she took a spin on the Superbowl at a UK festival last summer, reports SWNS . Lane says after she got off... More »

Serene Branson Spills Cause of Grammy Flub

Says she's now feeling 'fine, wonderful,' after complex migraine

(Newser) - It wasn’t a stroke that caused Serene Branson’s unintelligible reporting on Grammy night—it was a migraine. Specifically, a complex migraine known as a “migraine with aura,” whose symptoms can mimic stroke symptoms, her doctor tells the Los Angeles Times . But the CBS reporter, who viewed... More »

3 Stories