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Carnival Ride Left Woman Feeling Permanently Drunk

Since taking a spin, Brit says she's always dizzy, unbalanced

(Newser) - Most people expect to get a little dizzy while careening through the air on a high-speed, rotating carnival ride. But for 26-year-old Bobbie Lane, that dizziness turned permanent after she took a spin on the Superbowl at a UK festival last summer, reports SWNS . Lane says after she got off... More »

Serene Branson Spills Cause of Grammy Flub

Says she's now feeling 'fine, wonderful,' after complex migraine

(Newser) - It wasn’t a stroke that caused Serene Branson’s unintelligible reporting on Grammy night—it was a migraine. Specifically, a complex migraine known as a “migraine with aura,” whose symptoms can mimic stroke symptoms, her doctor tells the Los Angeles Times . But the CBS reporter, who viewed... More »

2 Stories