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150K Gallons of Toxic Water Leak From Air Force Base

Colorado base isn't sure how it got out

(Newser) - Some 150,000 gallons of water contaminated by toxic firefighting chemicals were discharged from a Colorado Air Force Base into a city sewer system, and authorities can't explain why. Peterson Air Force Base has confirmed that water containing perfluorinated chemicals—PFCs—flowed through Colorado Springs Utilities wastewater treatment plant... More »

It Will Take Years to Deal With Leaking Colo. Mine

Wastewater spill has now reached Lake Powell

(Newser) - It will take many years and many millions of dollars simply to manage and not even remove the toxic wastewater from an abandoned mine that unleashed a 100-mile-long torrent of heavy metals into Western rivers that has likely reached Lake Powell, experts say. Plugging Colorado's Gold King Mine, which... More »

Toxic Water Still Leaking Into Colorado River

Other abandoned mines are now the issue, officials say

(Newser) - The wastewater spill into Colorado's Animas River isn't just more severe than the Environmental Protection Agency initially estimated: It's steadily getting worse in terms of volume, even a week after the initial incident . Between 500 and 700 gallons of metal-laced water is still spilling from the abandoned... More »

EPA: Wastewater Spill 3 Times Worse Than We Thought

Officials now say 3M gallons of Colo. mine wastewater spilled into Animas River

(Newser) - The Environmental Protection Agency says a wastewater spill from an abandoned mine in southwestern Colorado into the Animas River is much larger than originally estimated. The agency said the amount of heavy-metal-laced water that leaked from the Gold King Mine into the river, turning the water a mucky orange and... More »

Microbes May Be Doing Something Wild in Our Sewage

Levels of certain pharmaceuticals go up after wastewater is treated

(Newser) - Drugs in our sewage are an issue of continuing concern: A few years back, researchers found that treatment plants were only getting rid of about half of them. Now, a new study suggests that the problem goes beyond a failure to eradicate the drugs: Researchers found that levels of two... More »

Study: Fracking Causing Oklahoma Quakes

Wastewater injection triggers quakes miles away, researchers find

(Newser) - Earthquakes in Oklahoma are up more than a hundredfold in recent years, and a new study spies a pretty clear link between the shaking and the fracking that has given the state's economy a huge boost. Researchers took a close look at four specific sites where wastewater from oil... More »

You're Using Antibacterial Soap Wrong

And its chemicals may be bad for you and the environment

(Newser) - Big on antibacterial soap? Sorry, but it's probably not helping you, and could even be altering your hormones and damaging the environment, a researcher says. In a new review paper , Rolf Halden argues that people get little benefit from antibacterial products because they use them incorrectly, LiveScience reports. You'... More »

Quiet Threat to Our Water: Dandruff Shampoo

It contains a fungicide that can hurt living things

(Newser) - Wastewater treatment plants are designed to completely eliminate a lot of awful stuff from our water. Unfortunately, fungicide doesn't fall under the "completely eliminated" header—and a new study in the journal Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry has identified the damage it's doing to our water. And if... More »

You're Flushing Tons of Things That You Shouldn't

'Flushable' wipes, paper towels are major causes of sewer clogs

(Newser) - Wastewater officials across the country are trying to spread the message that you can't just flush anything down the toilet, and they're taking particular aim at wipes. Vancouver, Wash., has a campaign called "Smart Bunnies" that shows a bespectacled rabbit sitting on a toilet and the tag... More »

Ariz. Ski Resort Will Make Snow From ... Sewage

Native Americans, environmentalists not happy

(Newser) - This winter at Arizona's Snowbowl, the powdery white snow won't always have been so white: The ski resort will become the first ever to make its artificial snow from 100% sewage effluent. The wastewater has been treated, of course, and the US Forest Service—which owns the land—... More »

Fracking Blamed for Ohio Quakes

Expert says quakes caused by injection well could continue for a year

(Newser) - Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking—recently hailed as the solution to Youngstown's economic woes —now appears to have left the Ohio city with a big problem. Wastewater from oil and gas drilling is almost certainly behind a series of 11 quakes that have occurred in the area since last... More »

Next Alternative Energy Source: Pee

Scientist develops method to pull hydrogen from urine

(Newser) - Someday, you may be able to power your home by taking a leak. Ohio University biomolecular engineer Gerardine Botte says she has developed a technology that can pull hydrogen power out of pee, the Guardian reports. Just put an electrode in wastewater, apply a little electricity, and voila—hydrogen atoms... More »

Hydrofracking's Ugly Secret: From Gas Wells, Bad Water

Radiation more than 1K times legal limit not properly treated

(Newser) - It's called "hydrofracking"—injecting huge amounts of water, sand, and chemicals underground to break up rock formations and release natural gas—and it has an ugly secret. The technology allows energy companies to wring out small pockets of natural gas all across America—the number of gas wells... More »

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