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Lebanon PM Tries to Ease Fears of Unrest

He takes control as nation begins stretch without president

(Newser) - Lebanon's PM called for calm today and said his cabinet would run the nation while it remains without a president, Reuters reports. Fouad Siniora also pledged to push for quick elections. The developments come a day after President Emile Lahoud's term ended without a successor in place. Siniora rejected Lahoud's... More »

Lebanon Bomb Kills Six UN Soldiers

Suicide attack piques terrorism worries; Fatah al-Islam suspected

(Newser) - A car bomb killed six members of a Spanish UN peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon  yesterday, in the first attack in a year on peacekeepers there. No one claimed responsibility for the bombing near Khiyam, but observers suspect Fatah al-Islam, the same al-Qaeda-spawned Sunni group that battled Lebanon at the... More »

Lebanese Vow to Crush Militants

Refugee camp destroyed; residents caught as army fights Fatah al-Islam

(Newser) - The Lebanese army vowed yesterday to continue its attack on Fatah al-Islam members holed up inside a Palestinian refugee camp in Beruit though the camp is now 60 percent demolished. As many as 25,000 of its 31,000 occupants have fled, the Guardian reports, and thousands remain trapped. More »

Army Battles Militants Near Lebanese Refugee Camp

Bombardment escalates as death toll tops 80

(Newser) - Lebanese troops continued to try to dislodge militants from a Palestinian refugee camp outside Tripoli today, extending a two-week siege that has led to the worst violence in the country since the civil war that ended in 1990. At least 84 people have died in the fighting, and more than... More »

US Rushes to Aid Lebanon

Troops surround refugee camp, prepare siege or incursion to rout out militants

(Newser) - The US has rushed military aid to Beruit, as the Lebanese army continues to battle Islamist militants holed up in a Palestinian refugee camp. The first shipment arrived today. Condoleeza Rice expressed support for Lebanon's government, if not confidence: "I certainly hope that the Lebanese government will be able... More »

More Violence Looms in Lebanon

Palestinians enraged at Lebanese troops threaten uprising

(Newser) - Clashes between the Lebanese Army and a Palestinian militant group could spread throughout Lebanon, politicians, diplomats and refugees tell the Guardian. Anger is building among Palestinians  over civilian casualties from shelling of the Nahr el-Bared refugee camp during clashes with Fatah al-Islam militants last week. More »

Lebanon Seeks Aid in Fighting Islamists

Minister asks foreign governments for cash as troops shell refugee camp

(Newser) - Lebanon's finance minister appealed to Arab and Western governments yesterday, begging for money and supplies to help fight militants in a Palestinian refugee camp. Thirty Lebanese troops, 15 members of the group Fatah al-Islam, and more than 25 civilians have been killed in two days of clashes. More »

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