Supreme Council of Armed Forces

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Egypt Delays Election Result

Officials: We need time to probe violation reports

(Newser) - Egypt's election authority is delaying releasing the results of the presidential election—probably for "a day or two"—while it investigates hundreds of complaints of electoral violations made by rival candidates Mohamed Morsi and Ahmed Shafiq. Muslim Brotherhood candidate Morsi, and Shafiq, ousted leader Hosni Mubarak's... More »

Egypt's Cabinet Offers to Resign; Protest Swells

Tahrir Square protesters want military to quit too

(Newser) - Egypt's civilian government offered to resign today in an apparent attempt to stem the 3-day tide of violence in Cairo, the AP reports. Thousands of protesters in Tahrir Square—who had called for the resignation—broke into cheers at the news and chanted "God is great," but... More »

Egypt Army Ousts PM on Facebook

Former transport minister Essam Sharaf to form new government

(Newser) - Egypt’s military has “decided to accept the resignation of Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq,” the Supreme Council of Armed Forces announced in a Facebook post today. A spokesman then confirmed the move for Al Jazeera . Shafiq, who was hand-picked by Hosni Mubarak just before his ouster, will be... More »

3 Stories