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Virginia Looks to Bar 12-Year-Olds From Marrying

If law passes, kids under 16 can no longer wed, even if pregnant and with parents' OK

(Newser) - Although laws in Virginia state the minimum age to wed is 16, the fine print reveals a more disturbing picture: Much younger kids may be able to marry with parental permission and if the girl is pregnant, leading to extreme cases in which youngsters not even in their teens have... More »

Calif. Girl, 13, Escapes Forced Marriage

Cops remove Jesse Bender from parents' home after she flees Pakistan trip

(Newser) - A 13-year-old California girl has been removed from her parents' custody after police said the couple tried to force the teen into an arranged marriage in Pakistan. Jesse Marie Bender secretly fled to her uncle's home to escape the arrangement set up by her mom and stepfather, who is Pakistani,... More »

2 Stories