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NPR Running in the Red, Considers Cuts

Corporate sponsors decline, endangering Tell Me More show

(Newser) - One of NPR's main sources of funding—corporate underwriting—has declined steeply this year, and the organization is considering staff and programming cuts, reports the Washington Post . The daily Tell Me More, aimed at minorities, could be the first to go, insiders tell the newspaper. The nonprofit NPR has... More »

PBS to End Break-Free Programming

Sponsor spots to appear in 'Nature' and 'Nova' this fall

(Newser) - The days of uninterrupted programming at PBS may be numbered. Officials have notified member stations that PBS plans to start placing corporate sponsor spots and promotional messages in breaks during certain programs instead of between them, reports the New York Times , which notes that break-free programming has been one of... More »

GOP Calls Emergency Session to Defund NPR

Bill would ban all federal funding of network

(Newser) - House Republicans may have taken note of Juan Williams' op-ed on NPR yesterday, because they've called an emergency meeting—to try to block NPR's funding. The Rules Committee session today will take up legislation to permanently ban federal funding for NPR and its affiliate stations in the wake of conservative... More »

Pledge Drives Muscle In on PBS Programming

Individuals are cash-strapped stations' biggest funding source

(Newser) - Between the recession and threats to its federal funding, PBS is facing tough times—so don’t be surprised if you see a lot more Les Miserables and self-help programming. PBS stations have upped the length of televised pledging periods by 9% since 2005, the company says, with some stations... More »

Public Broadcasting Can Afford to Go Private

And it's time the broadcasters did just that, writes Sen. Jim DeMint

(Newser) - Republican Sen. Jim DeMint has one simple reason why public broadcasting should go private: Because the presidents of such broadcasting companies "are making more than the president of the United States"—and if PBS can afford to pay its president $632,233 per year, "surely it can... More »

5 Stories