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Keillor Says MPR Made 'Enormous Mistake'

He wants 'full restoration of his reputation,' says lawyer

(Newser) - Garrison Keillor says Minnesota Public Radio was wrong to fire him last week without fully investigating what a senior executive has described as "multiple allegations" made against the former A Prairie Home Companion host by a single person. Jon McTaggart, CEO of MPR's parent company, American Public Media... More »

NPR's Diane Rehm Signing Off in 2016

Former stay-at-home mom retiring after hosting her own show for nearly 40 years

(Newser) - NPR's Diane Rehm is known as a civil voice of reason that may be harder to find after next year: The 79-year-old public-radio host is retiring in 2016 after the presidential election, the New York Times reports. "After a long and remarkable career as host of The Diane ... More »

NPR Running in the Red, Considers Cuts

Corporate sponsors decline, endangering Tell Me More show

(Newser) - One of NPR's main sources of funding—corporate underwriting—has declined steeply this year, and the organization is considering staff and programming cuts, reports the Washington Post . The daily Tell Me More, aimed at minorities, could be the first to go, insiders tell the newspaper. The nonprofit NPR has... More »

NPR Freelancer Canned for Joining Occupiers

Lisa Simeone hosted show on opera

(Newser) - A freelance radio host has lost her NPR World of Opera gig after an outcry over her involvement with a group affiliated with Occupy DC. Baltimore resident Lisa Simeone is acting as spokesperson for protesters under the October 2011/Stop the Machine banner; NPR responded to her involvement in a memo,... More »

PBS Is a Dead Man Walking

Forget the battle over NPR—PBS is the one in trouble: Mark Oppenheimer

(Newser) - Between Juan Williams , James O'Keefe , Vivian Schiller , and that whole defunding thing , NPR has had a rough couple of months. But here's the thing, writes Mark Oppenheimer for Slate : NPR is thriving on FM radio while the rest of FM radio withers. Oppenheimer argues that it's time to shift our... More »

Public Broadcasting Can Afford to Go Private

And it's time the broadcasters did just that, writes Sen. Jim DeMint

(Newser) - Republican Sen. Jim DeMint has one simple reason why public broadcasting should go private: Because the presidents of such broadcasting companies "are making more than the president of the United States"—and if PBS can afford to pay its president $632,233 per year, "surely it can... More »

6 Stories