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Marching Band Fined for 'Obscene' Formation

Band claims what many saw as a phallus was actually the USS Enterprise

(Newser) - Kansas State University will pay a $5,000 fine after its marching band's halftime show on Saturday was "misinterpreted" as showing the mascot of the rival University of Kansas Jayhawks performing oral sex. According to KCTV5 , the band defended itself from charges that its formation was "obscene,... More »

Greek God's Big Feature Reveals Medical Issue: Expert

Priapus appears happily well-endowed, but ...

(Newser) - A Greek god portrayed in one of Pompeii's best-known frescoes has quite the prominent feature—for better and for worse, apparently. The painting of fertility god Priapus, which survived the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, depicts a man whose phallus extends nearly to his knees and the fruit basket sitting... More »

Finally, a Human Specimen for Iceland Penis Museum

95-year-old's pickled member will go on display

(Newser) - Whale penises, seal penises, bear penises: Iceland's Phallological Museum has them all, but it was missing one thing: a human member. That all changed when 95-year-old Pall Arason died, leaving his penis to the museum, which opened in 1997. Sigurdur Hjartarson, Arason's friend who runs the museum in Husavik, says... More »

Condom on Phallic Statue Gets Rise Out of Poles

Huge phallus covered with plastic to honor founder of latex condoms

(Newser) - Safe sex supporters have topped an ancient phallic statue in Poland with a kind of giant condom—and Catholic townies are not amused. The stunt was pulled to commemorate the birth of latex condom inventor Julius Fromm, notes Der Spiegel . The condom was crafted out of a large plastic bag... More »

4 Stories