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Baggage Handler Helped Smuggle Guns on Planes: Officials

4 arrested for alleged gun-running on Delta Airlines

(Newser) - A baggage handler with Delta Airlines is one of four people arrested in an alleged gun-smuggling ring, ABC News reports. Investigators tracked down Delta employee Eugene Harvey through Mark Quentin Henry, who was arrested after landing in New York earlier this month while allegedly carrying 18 handguns, including seven that... More »

NYPD Makes Largest Gun Bust in History

Smugglers busted carrying 254 guns via buses from Carolinas

(Newser) - The NYPD has made its largest gun bust in recent memory, seizing 254 firearms in a 10-month operation. The guns were smuggled from North and South Carolina into New York City by two gunrunners, who hid the weapons in luggage on discount buses, then purchased by an undercover cop pretending... More »

Blackwater Pays $7.5M to Settle Arms Case

Feds accused firm of rogue arms, technology trading

(Newser) - The company that used to call itself Blackwater has agreed to pay $7.5 million to settle allegations of illegal arms and technology trafficking. Investigators charged the company—which changed its name to Xe and then to Academi —with 17 violations, including illegally possessing unregistered automatic weapons, lying to... More »

Cop Accused of Selling Station's Guns on Street

He allegedly lifted them from colleagues' lockers

(Newser) - An NYPD officer was arrested last night after allegedly stealing his coworkers' guns and selling them on the street, the New York Post reports. Six-year force veteran Nicholas Mina, 31, allegedly broke into fellow officers' lockers to steal four 9mm firearms. Other items, including cash, an iPad, and bulletproof vests,... More »

ATF Did Not Intentionally Allow Guns Into Mexico

Fortune: That Fast and Furious 'gunwalking' strategy never existed

(Newser) - The shorthand version of the Fast and Furious scandal goes something like this: ATF agents purposely allowed illegal guns to get into Mexico, then lost track of them, leading to horrific results . But a six-month investigation by Katherine Eban of Fortune magazine comes to a surprising conclusion: That so-called "... More »

Drug Lords Targeted by ATF Were Working for FBI

Yet more Fast and Furious bungling revealed

(Newser) - The investigation into the ATF's ill-fated "Fast and Furious" gun-trafficking operation has been going on for months, and it keeps uncovering new layers of screw-ups. Newly released records show that the operation could have been wrapped up much earlier—without leaving hundreds of illegal guns in the hands... More »

40 'Fast & Furious' ATF Guns Found in Cartel Thug's House

ATF weapons circulated further, faster than anticipated

(Newser) - Forty weapons from the ATF's botched "Fast and the Furious" gun-tracking plan ended up in a home of the top enforcer for the Sinaloa drug cartel, reports the Los Angeles Times . In all, 100 guns were transported from Phoenix, site of the failed sting operation, to El Paso,... More »

ATF Chief Who Oversaw Botched Gun Plan Resigns

Kenneth Melson reassigned after 'Fast and Furious' failure

(Newser) - The ATF is getting a new chief today, the fallout from a botched scheme to catch gun smugglers supplying Mexico's drug cartels. Kenneth Melson is returning to lesser duties with the Justice Department, and his role as overseer of Operation Fast and Furious wasn't even mentioned in a... More »

Bungled ATF Sting Lost Track of More Than 1K Firearms

House hearing on Operation Fast and Furious held today

(Newser) - Operation Fast and Furious, the bungled ATF gun-trafficking probe , was even more bungled than originally thought: Federal agents lost track of more than 1,000 firearms purchased by suspected gun smugglers during the Arizona investigation. The information comes from a new congressional report ahead of a House hearing today examining... More »

Was Agent Killed With Cartel Guns Supplied by US?

Feds refusing to provide answers on bungled weapons sting

(Newser) - The family of a US immigration agent who was shot dead by Mexican drug cartel gangsters is demanding to know if the guns that killed him came from the bungled federal "Fast and Furious" sting operation that put hundreds of weapons into the hands of smugglers, reports the Los ... More »

US Mayor, Top Cop Busted in Mexican Gun Scheme

Feds: Officials plotted to sell 200 guns to drug cartels

(Newser) - The police chief, mayor, and other officials of the small New Mexico border town of Columbus have been charged with gun running; prosecutors say they planned sell some 200 guns to Mexican drug cartels. The officials "increased the risk of harm that the people of Columbus face every day... More »

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