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Regular or Decaf, Coffee Has Major Perk

2 studies link coffee with lower mortality risk

(Newser) - "If you like to drink coffee, drink up! If you're not a coffee drinker, then you need to consider if you should start." That's the advice of a researcher at the University of Southern California, per a press release , following a pair of new studies suggesting... More »

Caffeine Won't Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

Doctors should rethink their recommendations on coffee, says study

(Newser) - Add one more study to the "coffee is good for you" file. Contrary to the long-standing belief that caffeine may cause heart palpitations that can lead to heart failure, new research in the Journal of the American Heart Association suggests the claim is, well, rubbish. Researchers surveyed 1,388... More »

More Proof Your Coffee Habit Is a Good Thing

3 to 5 cups per day slash your risk of death from several causes

(Newser) - Good news, coffee drinkers: You're less likely to die than those who steer clear of java. A new Harvard study finds regular coffee consumption not only boosts longevity but reduces your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and suicide. The study—based on surveys of more than 200,000 women... More »

Coffee May Help Eyesight

Study: Antioxidant keeps retinas healthy

(Newser) - Add this to the good-for-you , bad-for-you debate over coffee: A new study out of Cornell suggests that it might help keep your eyes healthy, reports . Specifically, an antioxidant in coffee called chlorogenic acid, or CLA, staves off retinal degeneration in mice, reports Nature World News . In humans, that... More »

Coffee May Make You Less Likely to Die

New study reviewed 400K older adults over 14 years

(Newser) - Trying to kick the coffee habit? Don't bother. A new study of some 400,000 adults between ages 50 and 71 found that coffee may actually make you less likely to die. Over the course of 14 years, those who partook had a lower risk of death than those... More »

Coffee May Lower Women's Stroke Risk

A cup a day keeps the doctor away: study

(Newser) - Good news for committed coffee drinkers: For women, a cup a day may lower stroke risk, a study suggests. In the 10-year Swedish study, women who drank at least a cup daily had a 22% to 25% lower stroke risk than those who had less or none. So java drinkers,... More »

Best Hangover Cure: Aspirin and ...

Study finds cause, and cure, of hangover headaches

(Newser) - Forget about hangover remedies like raw eggs, hair of the dog, or yoga —simple caffeine and a painkiller are best for easing an alcohol-induced sore head, according to a new study. Neurologist Michael Oshinsky and colleagues used ethanol to induce hangover-like headaches in rats. They found that the caffeine... More »

Coffee, Tea Lower Risk of Diabetes

Just drink 4 cups a day; decaf works, too

(Newser) - Consuming four cups a day of coffee, tea, or even decaf dramatically lowers the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, researchers say. In 18 studies that covered a whopping half-million people, coffee drinkers lowered their risk of diabetes by 7% per cup, Bloomberg reports. More research is needed, but the... More »

Grab a Latte, It Could Be Good for You

Coffee, caffeine may have health benefits

(Newser) - Get this: Coffee's not bad for you, and it could have health benefits. New studies do a better job of separating the effects of coffee from those of its formerly frequent partner, cigarettes, the Los Angeles Times reports. And when you look beyond caffeine, "coffee is a complex beverage... More »

Coffee May Cut Heart Attacks

Women who drank 3 cups daily suffered 25% fewer fatal episodes

(Newser) - Regular coffee drinking has been linked to a reduced risk of fatal heart attacks, according to a new study of the health effects of coffee. Women who regularly drank three cups of coffee a day had a 25 percent lower risk of death from heart disease than women who didn't... More »

A Coffee a Day May Keep Dementia Away: Study

Daily caffeine helps protect the brain from damaging cholesterol

(Newser) - A daily fix of caffeine helps shield the brain from the damaging effects of cholesterol, which is apparently the way coffee helps reduce the risk of dementia, new research suggests. The "blood-brain barrier" protects the brain from toxins in the bloodstream, but scientists have discovered that cholesterol makes it... More »

Coffee May Lower Risk of Ovarian Cancer

Benefit increases as amount of caffeine consumed rises

(Newser) - One day after the release of a study linking caffeine and miscarriages, female coffee addicts got some good news today: Caffeine appears to lower the risk of developing ovarian cancer, a new study shows. What's more, the benefit appears to increase with the amount of caffeine consumed. The risk is... More »

Drinking Coffee May Fight Colon Cancer

Japanese study finds benefits of 3 cups a day apply only to women

(Newser) - Drinking three or more cups of coffee a day can cut the risk of colon cancer in half—but the benefit manifests itself only in women. What's more, Reuters reports, the research was conducted in Japan, where men drink and smoke so much that scientists had trouble controlling for those... More »

'Caffeinated' Workout May Cut Cancer

Combo of exercise and coffee can fight skin cancer

(Newser) - New research suggests that drinking coffee, combined with regular exercise, speeds up the killing off of cells damaged by ultraviolet-B radiation. Researchers at Rutgers University specifically examined UVB apoptosis — the programmed death of cells that become damaged by ultraviolet rays – in hairless mice. This sort of cell-suicide helps... More »

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