coffee is bad for you

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Are Toddlers Drinking More Coffee Than We Think?

At least one study suggests as much

(Newser) - Toddlers may not be your typical Starbucks clientele, but at least one study suggests a fair number know how to enjoy a cup of joe. The study was highly specific and thus probably can't be applied to the general population, Real Clear Science reports: It dealt with about 300... More »

Coffee, Tea Not Seen to Boost Breast Cancer Risk

Drinking more, caffeinated or not, didn't increase cases in 22-year study

(Newser) - Coffee and tea don't elevate risk of breast cancer, researchers report after a 22-year study involving nearly 86,000 women. Those who drank four cups of coffee or tea—caffeinated or decaf—a day had the same incidence as those who drank a cup or less. "Coffee and tea... More »

Caffeine May Worsen Diabetes

In small sample, patients with type 2 show increased blood sugar levels

(Newser) - Diabetics may want to consider kicking the coffee habit after a new study showed caffeine consumption increased blood sugar levels, Reuters reports. Type 2 diabetics given caffeine pills equivalent to four cups of coffee experienced an 8% rise in average blood glucose levels relative to days when they were given... More »

Caffeine May Double Miscarriage Risk: Study

25% of women who drank 2 cups a day miscarried: study

(Newser) - Pregnant women who drink two cups of coffee a day may double their risk of miscarriage,  a new study concludes. Almost one-quarter of women in the study who consumed 200 milligrams of caffeine a day—the amount in 10 ounces of coffee or 25 ounces of tea—miscarried, reports... More »

4 Stories