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Man, 80, Sets Self on Fire Over WWII Brothels

He had joined protesters demanding apology from Japan for 'comfort women'

(Newser) - For more than 20 years, South Korean activists have organized weekly protests in front of Seoul's Japanese Embassy to demand an apology for its women and girls who were used as sex slaves by the Japanese military during World War II, reports the AP . But while those demonstrations have... More »

Teen Who Set Himself Ablaze in School Cafeteria Dies

Vincent Nett succumbed to his injuries last night

(Newser) - The 16-year-old who set himself on fire in his Colorado high school's cafeteria late last month died yesterday, the Denver Post reports. Vincent Nett suffered burns over 80% of his body in the Jan. 27 incident, with 40% of those burns being third-degree. "This is not someone's... More »

National Mall Suicide Wasn't Political: Family

Neighbors baffled by death of John Constantino

(Newser) - The suicide of the man who set himself ablaze on the National Mall last week was the result of mental illness, not his political beliefs, his family says. John Constantino "was a loving father and husband," and his death "was not a political act or statement,"... More »

Man Who Set Himself on Fire at National Mall Identified

John Constantino suffered from mental illness

(Newser) - Police have identified the man who set him self ablaze on the National Mall last week—but they have been unable to identify his motive. DC police say the man was John Constantino, a 64-year-old from Mount Laurel, New Jersey, the AP reports. Constantino, who died at a hospital after... More »

Self-Immolation Failing, Tibetans Turn to New Protest

Lhakar emphasizes all things Tibetan

(Newser) - Since 2009, 112 Tibetans have died by setting themselves on fire to protest for the independence of Tibet from China. But increasingly Tibetans, both those in exile and those in China, are turning away from grisly self-immolation and instead are protesting through "Lhakar," as assertion of Tibetan identity... More »

Man Honors Protester by Setting Fire to Himself

Czech man commemorates one immolation with another

(Newser) - A man set himself on fire in Prague today, apparently to commemorate a student who died by self-immolation there some 44 years ago, Reuters reports. Today's incident occurred in front of the National Museum in Wenceslas Square, where a Czech 36-year-old set fire to his jacket and had it... More »

China Slams US Comments on Tibet

Says it's 'disgusting' to blame Beijing for self-immolations

(Newser) - A Chinese Foreign Ministry official responded angrily to a US diplomat's comments about human rights in Tibet, calling them "disgusting" and filing a diplomatic protest in Washington, reports Reuters . The spokesman said the problem of self-immolating protesters had nothing to do with human rights and was only "... More »

2 Tibet Teens Set Selves on Fire

Monk, former monk die later in the hospital

(Newser) - Two Tibetan teenagers died last night after setting themselves on fire to protest Chinese rule, rights group Free Tibet tells the AP . Eighteen-year-old monk Lobsang Kalsang and 17-year-old former monk Damchoek self-immolated outside a monastery in Sichuan province; they died later in a hospital. Free Tibet says their deaths bring... More »

Israel's New Protest Movement: Suicide by Fire

Moshe Silman and six others turn to self-immolation

(Newser) - Israel is searching for answers after seven people tried to end it all—and make a shocking public statement—with suicide by fire. The first was Moshe Silman, who killed himself with lighter fluid and a match at a rally for the first anniversary of Israel's Occupy movement on... More »

China Closes Tibet to Foreigners

Move follows self-immolations in Lhasa

(Newser) - Tibet is once again a forbidden zone for foreign tourists. Travel agents say Chinese authorities have told them that foreign tourists are no longer being allowed into the region, and it's not clear how long the ban will last, reports MSNBC . The ban comes at the start of Saga... More »

2 Tibetans Set Selves on Fire in Capital

Anti-China protests are a first in busy Lhasa

(Newser) - Tibet has seen at least 34 self-immolations since March of last year—but two incidents yesterday were the first to occur in the region's capital. Two men set themselves on fire in a busy area of Lhasa in a protest against Chinese rule; police put out the flames within... More »

Man Sets Self on Fire Outside Breivik Trial

Police have yet to verify a connection between the act and the trial

(Newser) - The drama continues at the Anders Behring Breivik trial, though today the biggest scene took place outside the courthouse, where a man set himself on fire. Police do not believe the man has any connection with the trial. Police say he poured a flammable liquid onto himself and and set... More »

Tibet's New Hero: Man Who Set Self on Fire in India

Unlike self-immolations in China, Jamphel Yeshi's action was well documented

(Newser) - At least 29 Tibetans have set themselves on fire in various Tibetan regions of China in the last year—but a man who self-immolated in India on Monday and died today is being seen as the new face of the cause. That's because images of Jamphel Yeshi's flaming... More »

In Afghan Blast, Panetta at Greater Risk Than Reported

Runway explosion was a close call, say defense officials

(Newser) - New details in the Afghan truck explosion around the time of Leon Panetta's arrival: The driver was an Afghan interpreter working at Camp Bastion who apparently aimed his vehicle at two top NATO commanders waiting for Panetta's plane to arrive Wednesday. Defense officials initially downplayed the incident. The... More »

5 Unemployed Moroccans Set Themselves Ablaze

Security forces had prevented them from bringing food to friends

(Newser) - Five Moroccan protesters set themselves on fire today, after security forces prevented them from bringing food and water to fellow demonstrators. The men were part of the "unemployed graduates" movement that's swept Morocco, where unemployment is only 9.1% overall, but around 16% for college graduates, the AP... More »

Monk's Body Paraded After Self-Immolation

Protesters seized body from police station, then carried through streets

(Newser) - The body of a monk who killed himself yesterday morning by drinking kerosene, dousing himself, and lighting himself on fire was taken from the police in western China by hundreds of angry Tibetans and paraded through the streets, reports the AP . Police initially refused to hand over the body, but... More »

Challenge to China: Another Monk Sets Self on Fire

It's the 12th self-immolation in Tibet since March

(Newser) - The most salient detail in a Washington Post article about the rising number of self-immolations among Tibetan monks and nuns: Chinese troops in the region are now carrying fire extinguishers as part of their regular riot-control gear. It's become necessary because 12 men and women have set themselves on... More »

Man Set Self Ablaze in Tiananmen Square: Witness

Chinese state media didn't report Oct. 21 incident

(Newser) - In what's believed to be the first of self-immolation in the infamous and heavily-policed Tiananmen Square since 2001, the Telegraph reports that a man set himself on fire there. The incident is also unusual in that Chinese state media didn’t report the Oct. 21 incident—instead, a Telegraph... More »

Tibetan Nun Sets Self on Fire, Marking 11th Incident

She reportedly called for the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet

(Newser) - The number of self-immolations to occur among Tibetans in recent months can no longer be counted on two hands: A Tibetan nun died today after setting herself ablaze. It's the 11th such incident to occur in southwest China since March, and the second by a nun ; the AFP reports... More »

Tenth Tibetan Monk Sets Himself on Fire

China calls it a form of 'terrorist activity'

(Newser) - The recent self-immolation craze may have started in Tunisia, but no one’s been as devoted to it as Tibet’s Buddhist monks. Yet another monk reportedly set himself on fire yesterday in protest of Chinese rule, making him the tenth to do so since March, according to the AP... More »

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