Sion Milosky

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Surfer's Death Reignites Debate Over Jet Skis

Wildlife officials limit them, but surfers want them for rescues

(Newser) - Mavericks is a legendary surfers' paradise off the California coast, where ridiculously big waves draw the sport's best and bravest. It also happens to be part of a designated wildlife sanctuary, thus setting up this dilemma: Sanctuary officials limit the use of jet skis to protect the fragile ecosystem, but... More »

Legendary Big-Wave Surfer Drowns in California

Sion Milosky went under at famed surf break Mavericks

(Newser) - The man credited in surfing lore with paddling into the biggest wave of all time (a 60-footer in Hawaii) has been killed in a surfing accident near San Francisco, reports the San Jose Mercury News . Sion Milosky, a 35-year-old Hawaii native, was surfing 20-foot waves at the renowned Mavericks surf... More »

2 Stories