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Iraqi Soldier Kills Two US Troops

Attack came as Americans were conducting a training exercise

(Newser) - Two US troops were killed today by an Iraqi soldier who apparently smuggled real bullets into a training exercise and opened fire. A US military official said the shooter was immediately killed by American soldiers who were running the morning drill at a training center on a base in the... More »

US Troops Kill Boy in Iraq Grenade Attack

(Newser) - US troops in Mosul shot dead a 12-year-old boy who they said hurled a grenade at them, and American authorities complained that Iraqis are paying children to attack, Reuters reports. Iraqi police, however, denied the boy was involved. He was holding about $9 in his hand when he was killed.... More »

Man in Iraqi Uniform Kills 2 US Soldiers

3 others wounded in Mosul attack

(Newser) - A man in an Iraqi army uniform shot and killed two US soldiers and injured three others just outside Mosul today, Reuters reports. The attacker was killed in the firefight as well, initial reports say. An Iraqi police lieutenant-colonel said the man was an Iraqi soldier who also served as... More »

16 Iraqi Soldiers Killed in Suicide Attack on Base

Bomber was dressed in Iraqi army uniform: colonel

(Newser) - A suicide bomber dressed in an Iraqi army uniform detonated an explosives belt today among Iraqi soldiers lined up for lunch at a base west of Baghdad, killing at least 16 and wounding 50, Iraqi officials said. Iraqi soldiers and US troops share the base, in the former Sunni insurgent... More »

In Iraq, US Allies Fight Each Other for Control

Arrest of Sunni leader fuels tension

(Newser) - A showdown this weekend between Iraqi security forces and Sunni fighters known as the Awakening, both US allies, could signal challenges facing Iraq as the US prepares to leave, the Washington Post reports. After Iraqi and US forces arrested an Awakening leader Saturday, Sunni fighters swarmed a Baghdad neighborhood. "... More »

Iraqi Troops: 'We're Not Ready to Go It Alone'

Officers decry lack of equipment; US pushes independence

(Newser) - Iraq’s army has taken strides toward independence—but it still needs the help of American forces, say Iraqi troops and officers interviewed by the New York Times. “We are too many years behind other countries. We need the coalition forces until 2015,” said one officer. But American... More »

Fuhgeddaboutit! Soprano Garb Grabs $200K

Auction raises money for wounded soldiers

(Newser) - Fans of fictional mob boss Tony Soprano shelled out nearly $200,000 for the outfits he wore on his hit TV series, including a set of "blood-spattered" threads, reports E! Online. Top grossing was the suit and undershirt Tony wore when Uncle Junior shot him in season 6, which... More »

Iraq Fires 1,300 Cops, Troops After Basra

Baghdad says they ducked fight with Shiite militias

(Newser) - Iraq sacked 1,300 troopers and policemen today for fighting poorly or not at all in last month’s Basra battles. “Some of them were sympathetic with these lawbreakers,” said one official. “Some refused to battle for political, national, sectarian or religious reasons.” The firings are... More »

US Pushes for Sunni-Shiite Reconciliation

New strategy aims to integrate 'concerned' locals into government

(Newser) - Convincing Iraq’s Shiite-dominated government to embrace the former Sunni insurgents known as “Concerned Local Citizens” is the key priority for US leaders in Iraq, the LA Times reports. The US-funded CLCs have been vital to Iraq’s improving security, patrolling areas without a regular police presence. But Iraqi... More »

Iraq Booby-Trap Blast Kills 6 US Troops

Nine dead in first two days of new offensive against al-Qaeda strongholds

(Newser) - Six US soldiers and their Iraqi interpreter were killed when a booby-trapped house in Diyala province exploded, the Washington Post reports. Four others were injured. Another three soldiers were killed Tuesday as tens of thousands of US and Iraqi troops, along with many local volunteers, began sweeping through northern Iraq... More »

Al-Qaeda In Iraq Down 75%, Baghdad Says

But Petraeus calls the group country's 'biggest threat'

(Newser) - Al-Qaeda in Iraq is down 75%, one Baghdad official said today—but US Gen. David Petraeus maintained that al-Qaeda is still “the most significant challenge" facing the country. Maj. Gen. Abdul Kareem Khalaf attributed the alleged al-Qaeda cut to beefed Iraq security, armed Sunni fighters, and the recent US... More »

G.I.'s Disillusioned About the War

Soldiers from 82nd Airborne say they favor withdrawal

(Newser) - More than a dozen soldiers from the elite 82d Airborne division tell the New York Times that they now see the war in Iraq as futile. “In 2003, 2004, 100 percent of the soldiers wanted to be here, to fight this war,” says one platoon sergeant who advocates... More »

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