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Obama's Speech Ratings Keep Dropping

...and dropping ... and dropping

(Newser) - Obama just isn't reeling them in like he used to: It turns out 25.6 million of us tuned in to Obama's Libya speech on Monday night. That's down 12% from his August 2010 Iraq speech, whose 29.2 million viewers were down 9% from his speech in June of... More »

Stewart Slams Obama's Libya Speech

What was up with the anger—and unanswered questions?

(Newser) - “Ten days after we started bombing Libya, President Obama took to the podium to convince Americans that we should … bomb Libya. Starting 10 days ago,” noted Jon Stewart last night. The speech may have been basically well-received , but not by Stewart: First of all, the president seemed... More »

Obama's Libya Speech Short on Specifics, Still 'Strong'

Reactions are mixed, but most agree he did a good job

(Newser) - Last night, President Obama delivered the Libya speech that some have long been calling for. How did the world take it? A sampling of reactions:
  • Jim Geraghty wasn't impressed with the way Obama's "pretty-sounding phrases" were strung together "without really getting at the questions most skeptical Americans have:
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White House Squeezed in Libya Speech Before DWTS

Networks consulted over timing of Obama speech

(Newser) - President Obama's speech making the case for intervention in Libya came after some high-level talks—with TV networks. The White House and network officials agreed on a 7:30pm ET slot, which ensured ABC would still be able to broadcast Dancing with the Stars at 8pm as planned, reports the... More »

Obama: 'We Intervened to Stop a Massacre'

President defends decision to intervene in Libya

(Newser) - President Obama made his case for the American intervention in Libya tonight at the National Defense University, reports Politico, citing the perfect storm of international support, Libyan rebels' pleas, the United States' ability to avoid committing ground troops—and its obligation to prevent genocide. Some highlights:
  • On his decision: Obama
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