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Government Shutdown: No End in Sight

Dems shoot down GOP 'piecemeal' strategy

(Newser) - It's Day 2 of the government shutdown and it's starting to look like this could go on for a while. In contrast to other budget showdowns of recent years, there have been no serious negotiations between President Obama and John Boehner—and no sign that Joe Biden and... More »

Furious Peter King: Don't Donate to Republicans

House failure to vote on Sandy relief has lawmakers angry

(Newser) - Peter King is more than just unhappy that the House failed to vote on a Sandy relief bill last night: Now he's calling for New York and New Jersey residents to stop donating money to the GOP over the matter, CNN reports. "Anyone from New York or New... More »

No. of Reps Who Donated to National Debt in 2010: 3

But even if they gave full salaries, they'd barely make a den

(Newser) - For a bunch of people so concerned with the growing national debt, the House of Representatives doesn't have a lot of members putting their money where their mouths are. The House has program that allows representatives to return a portion of their salaries toward debt reduction (the Senate doesn't even... More »

3 Stories