Ras Lanuf

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Gadhafi Plants Mines as Libya Rebels Flee

Gadhafi's forces continue to force Libyan rebels' retreat

(Newser) - Moammar Gadhafi’s forces have taken their fight against the Libyan rebels to the next level, sowing land mines around the city of Ajdabiya. The mines include both anti-personnel mines, which much of the world banned in the 1997 Mines Ban Treaty, and anti-tank mines; Gadhafi’s troops likely planted... More »

As Rebels Lose Ground, a Debate: Do We Arm Them?

Meanwhile, Gadhafi drives rebels out of oil town Ras Lanuf

(Newser) - Rebels suffered a significant setback on their main front yesterday, as Gadhafi’s heavily-armed forces drove them out of the oil port of Ras Lanuf, according to the Wall Street Journal . Defeats like that raise the possibility that the coalition will need to arm the rebels, a move Barack Obama... More »

2 Stories