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Man Helps Woman in Need, Gets Big Surprise Years Later

Chris Wright had no idea a kind gesture would come back around

(Newser) - Chris Wright was driving to church in Georgia in 2014 when he spotted TunDe Hector walking in the rain carrying a jerrycan. She'd run out of gas with $5 in her pocket. The Good Samaritan tells ABC News he offered her a lift to a gas station and back,... More »

Women More Devout Than Men: Study

Gender gap in Pew study may be explained by both nature and nurture

(Newser) - Every pope, Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, and most other major religious leaders have been men, and many religions have either only recently let up restrictions on women officiants or continue to ban them, the Guardian notes. Yet a new study from the Pew Research Center finds that women are the ones... More »

Marine Killed Hours After He Made Poignant NYE Post

Matthew DeRemer, 31, was killed by a drunk driver on New Year's Eve

(Newser) - Marine veteran Matthew DeRemer, 31, who served in Iraq, wrote one final Facebook post before setting out on his motorcycle in Florida on New Year's Eve to ring in 2016. And its message, which has since inspired many shares and likes, turned out to be chillingly poignant: "I... More »

Science Better for Alcoholics Than Faith-Based AA

Gabrielle Glaser says some alcohol abusers can even learn to drink in moderation

(Newser) - Trying to beat addiction through a faith-based 12-step program—Alcoholics Anonymous being the best known of the bunch—typically means you can never take a sip of alcohol again. But Gabrielle Glaser writes for the Atlantic that AA was founded 80 years ago , "when knowledge of the brain was... More »

Santorum: New York Press Out to Get Me

They 'recoil' at talk of 'values issues': GOP hopeful

(Newser) - Any flak Rick Santorum is getting for his stance on social issues can be traced back to New York City, the presidential hopeful says. "The idea that values issues are losers is held by a group of people in the media who live in the New York area,"... More »

Bachmann Staffer Was Busted for Terrorism

Peter E. Waldron's activities in Uganda murky

(Newser) - The campaign worker Michele Bachmann credits with a "tremendous" job in helping her win the Ames straw poll was charged with terrorism five years ago in Uganda. Peter Waldron was arrested for possession of assault rifles and ammunition just days before that nation's elections, reports Politico . A conviction... More »

Today's Leading Atheists Are Way Too Smug

S.E. Cupp thinks her fellow non-believers need some humility

(Newser) - Some of the leading voices of modern atheism—the likes of Christopher Hitchens, Bill Maher, and Sam Harris—tend to view people of faith as closed-minded fools, writes fellow atheist S.E. Cupp in the Daily News . But with their smug condescension, she thinks they're the ones guilty of the... More »

Let's Stop Lecturing Once-a-Year Churchgoers

Reverend: Instead, we should celebrate they're still coming

(Newser) - The Rev. Scott Black Johnston knows his church will be packed tomorrow night with people who attend only once a year at Christmastime. But he's not bemoaning the fact—he's celebrating it, especially in an age where more young people than ever claim no faith. "Instead of wagging our... More »

Why I Allowed My Sons' 'Brutal' Circumcisions

It hurts, but it's a necessary comfort in an uncertain world

(Newser) - Taffy Brodesser-Akner believes that circumcision is “brutal” mutilation. So why did she subject her sons, and herself, to the traditional Jewish bris—even as she suffered “self-loathing” for what she was putting them through? She traces her Jewish upbringing, denouncement of religion, and eventual return to the faith... More »

Christian Science Admits Doctors Are Okay

Church tells patients to get actual medical help when necessary

(Newser) - With its membership dwindling and reputation in tatters, the church of Christian Science has finally decided that doctors aren’t so bad after all. Church leaders tell the New York Times that they’ve been encouraging members to consult physicians when necessary for over a year now. They’re trying... More »

Sikh Completes Basic Training

Ends policy that effectively banned Sikhs

(Newser) - Cap. Tejdeep Singh Rattan yesterday became the first Sikh in a generation allowed to compete US army basic officer training without sacrificing the articles of his faith. He got a waiver from the Army to serve with unshorn hair and a turban, an exemption to a policy that has effectively... More »

Tim Tebow Joins Obama at Prayer Breakfast

President calls for 'civility' in Washington

(Newser) - President Obama appealed for a "spirit of civility" today among political opponents at the National Prayer Breakfast. "Surely you can question my policies without questioning my faith—or, for that matter, my citizenship,'' Obama said to laughter. Among the attendees was another lightning rod of late—Tim... More »

Kennedy to Pope: Pray for Me

Senator wrote letter delivered by Obama

(Newser) - In the months before he died, Ted Kennedy penned a letter to Pope Benedict beseeching the pontiff's prayers—and enlisted no less a messenger than the leader of the free world to deliver it, reports CNN. “I am writing with deep humility to ask that you pray for me... More »

Faith Groups Rally Behind Obama on Health Reform

Plan rallies, webcast, 55,000 messages to Congress

(Newser) - Religious groups are coming to President Obama’s aid in selling health care reform, backing expanded care through a 40-day campaign promoting the moral argument for reform, CBS News reports. Prayer vigils and rallies will take place in 45 cities today to send a message to Capitol Hill. Later this... More »

Religious Right Sets Phasers to 'Stun Obama'

Coalition takes a page from Enterprise's book

(Newser) - The religious right is going Star Trek, Dana Milbank writes for the Washington Post. “Individual, national, multi-ethnic and transgenerational organizations” have joined forces to create the Freedom Federation to promote “faith, moral values, and freedom” and equality, says the organization’s statement. But rather than targeting Nero the... More »

More Than Bush Did, Obama Cites Jesus

Politically shaky ground for Bush may help Obama

(Newser) - President Obama has invoked Jesus more than his predecessor, despite the major role Christianity played in George W. Bush’s policies, Politico reports. Obama has mentioned his faith in recent speeches in Cairo, at Notre Dame, and at Georgetown, to name a few instances. Though he was backed by evangelicals,... More »

Jobless Cling to Their Faith in Detroit

Religions offer comfort as jobless face pain, hunger

(Newser) - Thousands of Detroit's jobless are coping with fear and desperation by falling back on faith, the Detroit Free Press reports. Houses of worship are increasingly fielding calls from people seeking jobs, food, and housing—but above all, congregants say, they find comfort. "When the tension comes and the pressure... More »

Boy Can Stay With Parents After They Agree to Chemo

(Newser) - A judge in Minnesota allowed 13-year-old Daniel Hauser to return to his parents' custody after they agreed to have him undergo chemotherapy treatments, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The judge allowed the family to pursue alternative remedies along with the chemo for Daniel, who has Hodgkin's lymphoma. The boy and... More »

Genome Whiz Aims to Reunite God, Science

Geneticist seeks to reconcile conflicts between faith, science

(Newser) - Young Christians inevitably experience a crisis when they realize how deeply religion clashes with science, but an evangelical geneticist is aiming to restore their faith, Time reports. Unveiling the BioLogos Foundation this week, Francis Collins seeks to resolve questions over Adam and Eve’s creation and evolution. “We cannot... More »

Americans Switching, Not Losing, Religion

But people who abandon faith just 'drift away', new poll says

(Newser) - A majority of Americans who have abandoned organized religion "gradually drifted away," a new Pew Forum poll says. The finding surprised experts who expected policy debates or scandals—like clergy sex abuse in the Catholic Church—to fuel people's rejection of a faith. But overall, the survey... More »

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