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Paul Ryan Airing New Ads for ... House Campaign

He's likely to beat the Democratic underdog running against him in WI

(Newser) - Looks like Paul Ryan wants some insurance. The vice presidential nominee is putting out some new ads in his home state of Wisconsin, but they won't be touting his campaign with Mitt Romney. Instead, they'll be for his bid to keep his House seat, reports the Washington Post... More »

Wisconsin Town Kicks GOP Out of Labor Day Parade

Labor union council sponsors the annual parade

(Newser) - The recall elections are over, but the labor union fight continues in Wisconsin: One community has barred Republican lawmakers from its annual Labor Day parade, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. "Usually they've been in the parade, but it seems like they only want to stand with us one... More »

Dems Survive Wisconsin Recall

Runaway lawmakers keep seats; GOP keeps state senate

(Newser) - Two more Democratic state senators have survived recall votes in Wisconsin, ending the state's recall saga with the Republicans still in charge of the legislature—but with only a one-seat majority. Another Democrat survived an earlier recall vote, and four of six targeted Republicans held their seats after recall... More »

Wisc. GOP Looks to Pick Off a Dem Today

Last of the recall elections held today

(Newser) - The Wisconsin GOP already claimed victory in last week's Republican recall races by maintaining control of the state Senate, but they want more: namely, Democrat Jim Holperin's seat. Holperin is one of two Democratic state senators up for recall today, and Republicans think they can pick him off,... More »

GOP Holds Senate After Wisconsin Recall Vote

Four GOP senators retain seats; two ousted

(Newser) - The results of Wisconsin's closely watched recall elections are in and the Democrats have failed to win control of the state Senate. Four of the six targeted Republican lawmakers have successfully defended their seats, while two seats have been picked up by Democrats, the AP reports. The Democrats needed... More »

'Fake Democrats' Fall in Wisconsin Primaries

Democratic challengers will face Republican incumbents next month

(Newser) - None of the six "fake Democrats" put up by the Wisconsin Republican Party managed to stage an upset in yesterday's state Senate primary elections, setting the stage for the "real" Democratic challengers to face off with Republican incumbents next month. The ploy had already achieved its intended... More »

Massive Protests Expected in ... Madison

Capitol steels itself for rallies today

(Newser) - Here we go again: With Republicans trying once more to pass Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial collective bargaining limits, the state Capitol in Madison is steeling itself for more protests. Walker’s budget will be debated at the Capitol today, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports, and thousands of protesters are... More »

Rachel Maddow Slams Email Witch Hunt

'How's that personal freedom thing working out for you?' snaps journalist

(Newser) - Rachel Maddow has become caught up in a right-wing think tank's apparent vendetta against professors with a whiff of the left about them. The Michigan Mackinac Center is demanding personal emails written by labor professors in the state system that mention "Wisconsin," "Madison," Wisconsin Gov. "... More »

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