The Pale King

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The 3 Novels That Almost Won a Pulitzer

David Foster Wallace, Karen Russell, Denis Johnson were considered

(Newser) - For the first time in 35 years, no Pulitzer Prize for fiction was awarded —but that doesn't mean no works of fiction were considered. The Pulitzer jurors narrowed down the possibilities to three novels … and then the Pulitzer board decided, "after lengthy consideration," not to... More »

David Foster Wallace Novel Reminds Us What We Lost

Skills as an observer of modern life on full display in posthumous 'Pale King'

(Newser) - Americans are in danger of amusing themselves to death, the late author David Foster Wallace warned in his epic novel Infinite Jest. Now, in posthumous novel The Pale King , Foster warns of the equally terrifying danger of being bored to death, in a "deeply sad, deeply philosophical book,"... More »

2 Stories