Libya ceasefire

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Can Gadhafi Outlast NATO?

Pressure ramping up to end conflict

(Newser) - Fifteen weeks into its Libyan campaign, NATO is getting restless. The eight nations involved in the campaign can’t get the other 20 off the bench, and many seem to disagree on strategy. Norway, whose tiny air force has carried out a disproportionate 10% of the airstrikes, has set an... More »

Libya: Let Gadhafi Stay as Figurehead

Government proposal warns that without Gadhafi, instability could follow

(Newser) - Just one day after President Obama and British PM David Cameron declared that Moammar Gadhafi has got to go , the Libyan government is proposing that he stay—as a figurehead only. Though Libyan rebels are likely to scoff at the suggestion, the government is playing on fears of instability and... More »

Gadhafi Offers Truce as NATO Strikes Tripoli

Bombs hit government buildings during Libyan leader's speech

(Newser) - Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi called for a ceasefire and negotiations with NATO powers in a live speech on state TV early Saturday, just as NATO bombs struck a government complex in the Libyan capital. The targeted compound included the state television building and a Libyan official alleged the strikes were... More »

Libya Fighting Rages Despite 'Peace Plan'

Rebels not sure they want to accept African Union's deal

(Newser) - You know that African Union peace plan Moammar Gadhafi agreed to? Well it doesn’t seem to have changed a thing on the ground. Gadhafi’s forces continued their assault against Ajdabiya and launched shells at Misrata, while NATO went right on launching airstrikes, the New York Times reports. “... More »

Gadhafi Regime Rejects 'Mad' Ceasefire Offer

Rebels offer truce if regime pulls back troops, allows protests

(Newser) - Moammar Gadhafi's regime scoffed at a ceasefire offer from rebels yesterday and continued to attack rebel-held areas in the east and west of the country. The leader of the rebels' national council offered a ceasefire if Gadhafi's forces withdrew from besieged cities and allowed peaceful protests against the regime, reports... More »

5 Stories