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NY Times Mistakenly Sends Email to 9M People

It was apparently just a miscue, not spam

(Newser) - Nearly 9 million people got a puzzling email from the New York Times today, but fears of a massive hack are apparently unfounded. Turns out, it was good old-fashioned human error. The newspaper meant to send the email only to a few hundred people who had recently canceled home delivery,... More »

Should You Worry About the Epsilon Email Breach?

Not if you're tech savvy...

(Newser) - If you're sitting at a computer reading this story, chances are you've received an email—or two or three—from the likes of Citibank or Best Buy or Walgreens apologizing for the Epsilon email breach . But just how worried or angry should you actually be about the incident? Perhaps not... More »

2 Stories