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Let's Consider Taxing Elite Colleges' Huge Endowments

Harvard, Yale, et al. are getting richer while state schools scramble: Slate writer

(Newser) - As the student-loan struggle continues and presidential candidates try to come up with ways to help middle-class and disadvantaged students attend college, there are stockpiles of money that are benefiting the most affluent, unfettered by government taxation: the endowments of elite colleges, Jordan Weissmann writes for Slate . And that's... More »

NFL Will Finally Pay the Tax Man

Giving up tax-exempt status means it no longer discloses exec compensation

(Newser) - The National Football League has decided to let the tax man come calling after its billions in revenue, reports NBC Sports . The league will voluntarily give up its controversial tax-exempt status, a 501(c)(6) exemption it's held since 1966, which Commissioner Roger Goodell dismissed today as a "distraction,"... More »

The IRS Was Stupid—but Not Partisan

IRS report shows agents were incompetent, but not politically motivated: Pundits

(Newser) - The inspector general's IRS report is out (read it in full at the Washington Post , if 54 pages of dry analysis and liberal use of the underline function sound like your thing), and some pundits say it's not exactly as jaw-droppingly scandalous as it was made out to... More »

Twitter Wringing $22M From Strapped Frisco

Company threatens to leave San Francisco without payroll tax break

(Newser) - Pity poor Twitter. After recently raising $200 million on a $3.7 billion valuation , it doesn't want to cough up a city payroll tax. So the company is on its way to winning a major tax break from struggling San Francisco after threatening to leave its city digs for the... More »

4 Stories