Europe military spending

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10 Biggest Spenders on War

One country clearly leads the pack

(Newser) - Democrats and Republicans might squabble regularly about how much the US spends on its military, but one thing is not in doubt: Uncle Sam spends the most of any country in the world, accounts for more than a third of the entire planet's defense spending, and outpaces the next... More »

World Military Spending Zooms to $1.6T Record

United States' $698B six times higher than No. 2 China

(Newser) - Global military spending hit a new high last year, inching up 1.3% to reach a staggering $1.6 trillion, according to a Swedish think tank. The increase itself, however, is one of the lower hikes in years, a slowdown caused by the economic crisis in many Western nations. US... More »

2 Stories