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Scientists Make Shrunken, See-Through Lab Mice

'We can look into the wiring of the whole mouse in high resolution'

(Newser) - If your initial reaction is one of queasiness, it would be understandable: A new technique announced Monday in Nature Methods essentially allows scientists to make dead mice see-through—by stripping the lipids and water from the animals' tissues. The fat is what makes the tissues opaque; the removal of water... More »

Scientists Unveil 'Brain Atlas'

Allen Institute maps gene activity in body's most complex organ

(Newser) - Researchers probing the staggering complexities of the human brain now have a map to help them find their way around. Scientists have unveiled a computerized "atlas of the brain," which combines several imaging techniques to map features including nerve structure and gene activity. The project, funded by Microsoft... More »

2 Stories