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Woman Eats Porcupine Quill Without Realizing It

Health problems, predictably, ensue

(Newser) - A woman with mysterious chest pains was in a prickly situation thanks to the porcupine quill she unwittingly swallowed, and which in turn poked a hole in her aorta. Live Science reports the 49-year-old woman went to the ER with shortness of breath and chest pains that worsened when she... More »

Note to Pythons: Maybe Pass on the Giant Porcupines

South African snake's snack turns out to be a fatal idea

(Newser) - Anyone traumatized by the 2005 report of the exploding python might have imagined this wasn't the best idea ever conceived by a predator: A cyclist in South Africa's Lake Eland Game Preserve earlier this month came upon a nearly 13-foot python who looked about as stuffed as your... More »

Man Delivers Dead Porcupine's Baby—by Chance

It surprised him, too

(Newser) - This is one of the strangest animal rescue stories in a while. A motorist in Maine inadvertently delivered a baby porcupine by what amounted to emergency C-section after its mother was killed by car, reports TheDodo . The original story comes from WMTW , which reports that Jared Buzzell saw the mama... More »

Hunters in Pennsylvania Can Bag ... Porcupines?

Game officials declare 7-month season

(Newser) - Pennsylvania porcupines better watch their backs from September to March. The state game commission this week instituted a hunting season for the prickly creatures, much to the dismay of wildlife biologists who say too little is known about their population, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer . One member of the eight-person board... More »

4 Stories