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Toddlers' Blood Could Hold Key to Beating Malaria

New vaccine traps disease inside blood cells

(Newser) - Researchers think they've found a promising new potential weapon in the fight against malaria in a fairly unlikely place: the blood of toddlers. In a paper published in Science today, researchers detail how they examined the blood of more than 750 children in Tanzania. They found that about 6%... More »

Simple Blood Test May Detect Alzheimer's

But there's still no cure

(Newser) - Researchers say they've found another possible way to detect Alzheimer's, this time through a blood test that looks for antibodies. Though still under development, a diagnostic kit could be available within the year, reports Reuters . The catch: While scientists are getting better at detecting Alzheimer's with such discoveries, they still... More »

Scientists Find Powerful HIV Antibodies

One kills 91% of strains, raising hopes for a vaccine

(Newser) - Scientists have taken a potentially big step toward an AIDS vaccine by identifying an antibody that neutralizes 91% of HIV strains, reports the Wall Street Journal . They discovered the antibody, along with two other powerful ones, in the body of a 60-year-old gay man known as Donor 45. His body... More »

Vaccine Cuts HIV Infection Rate by 1/3

Watershed US-Thai study is first to show success

(Newser) - A new vaccine tested in Thailand has protected a significant minority of subjects against HIV infection—marking the first time a vaccine has shown even partial success against the virus that causes AIDS. The 16,000-volunteer study, undertaken by the US Army, the Thai health ministry, and two drug companies,... More »

Breakthrough Raises Hope for HIV Vaccine

Antibodies could help scientists combat elusive virus' defenses

(Newser) - Researchers have found two antibodies that neutralize the AIDS virus more successfully than any identified in the past, resurrecting hopes that it may be possible to develop an effective vaccine, Time reports. The new antibodies are effective against a broad range of HIV variants, neutralizing the virus’ most effective defense:... More »

1918 Flu Survivors Still Have Killer Antibodies

Findings help fight against avian flu

(Newser) - The flu pandemic that killed up to 100 million people in 1918 left survivors with a strong set of antibodies—strong enough to still be viable today, Reuters reports. Mice given survivor antibodies managed to fight off the deadly flu when they were infected with the virus extracted from exhumed... More »

Genes ID Best Patients for Colon Cancer Drug

Step toward 'holy grail' of personalized cancer battle

(Newser) - Researchers have taken a giant step toward the "holy grail" of personalized cancer treatment—by using genetic profiling to accurately target chemotherapy, Reuters reports. A new genetic test of colon cancer tumors is able to predict with accuracy whether a patient will respond to treatment with the drug Erbitux,... More »

Flu Shot May Help Fight Off Bird Flu: Study

Vaccinated patients more likely to have immune response to deadly H5N1 virus

(Newser) - A regular flu shot may offer at least some protection against the bird flu, a new study finds. Researchers tested the blood of 42 volunteers who'd recently gotten flu vaccines, exposing it to the deadly H5N1 avian flu, and found that in some of them, the immune system recognized the... More »

Scientists Find Lead in Bird Flu Vaccine

Antibodies from survivors have been effective in curing infected mice

(Newser) - In the first break in the deadly bird flu epidemic, an international team of researchers using antibodies from survivors of the Vietnamese strain of the disease were able to prevent it from developing in mice, and to neutralize those already infected. More »

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