Freedom of Intformation

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Banks Helped FBI to Crush Occupy: New Doc Trove

Naomi Wolf: Cops, banks merged into a 'monstrous whole'

(Newser) - Those violent clampdowns on Occupy protesters weren't just planned by US authorities—they were carefully coordinated with the big banks themselves, writes Naomi Wolf at the Guardian . At times the FBI, police, and the Department of Homeland Security even merged with banks into a "monstrous whole" called The... More »

Military Secrets Bared in Brit Internet Blunders

Redacted information often easy to restore, says British newspaper

(Newser) - British military secrets, contaminated blood information, commercial negotiations, and other secret data is now readily available online, reports the Telegraph . Most of the documents were made available through Freedom of Information laws—but with sensitive information redacted. But because of an Internet blunder by officials, the redacted information is often... More »

2 Stories