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Confusion in Wake of Indian Farmer's Suicide at Rally

Supposed suicide note mentions poverty, but some say Gajendra Singh was egged on

(Newser) - A land-reform rally in India's capital went horribly awry yesterday when a farmer took his own life in front of attendees, the Independent reports. Gajendra Singh, said by the Hindustan Times to be a 43-year-old father of three, shocked onlookers at the Aam Aadmi Party gathering by climbing a... More »

8-Limbed Girl Learns to Walk

2-year-old recovering well from marathon surgery to remove parasitic twin

(Newser) - A 2-year-old Indian girl born with eight limbs and worshiped as an incarnation of a Hindu goddess is learning to walk after surgery last fall, CNN reports. Doctors say that Lakshmi Tatma continues to recover from the marathon 27-hour operation that severed a parasitic twin, but that her organs are... More »

14 Die in Indian Race Riots

Minority group pushing for affirmative action clashes with police

(Newser) - An ethnic minority in Northwest India clashed with police yesterday during a demonstration, leaving 14 people dead. The Army has been called into Rajasthan to restore order, after tens of thousands of Gujjars blocked a key highway and fought with police trying to break up their protest. More »

3 Stories