Piss Christ

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eBay Removes Glenn Beck's 'Obama in Pee Pee' Art

Even though host said 'urine' was really just beer

(Newser) - For some reason, eBay didn't want to sell a piece of "art" by Glenn Beck dubbed "Obama in Pee Pee." Beck debuted the piece—a mason jar holding an Obama figurine submerged in Beck's "urine," which he says is really beer—on his... More »

Protesters Smash 'Piss Christ'

Catholic activists hit it with a hammer in Avignon museum

(Newser) - A pair of extreme Catholic protesters celebrated Palm Sunday this weekend by bursting into the Museum of Contemporary Art in Avignon, France, and smashing Andres Serrano’s (in)famous photograph “Immersion Piss Christ,” and some other works of art they objected to, with hammers. According to a French report... More »

2 Stories