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Liberals, Don't Fight Trump's SCOTUS Pick

Neil Gorsuch will bring 'fairness,' 'decency': 'NYT'

(Newser) - Let the Supreme Court justice vetting begin—and may liberals let nominee Neil Gorsuch sail onto the bench. That's Neal Katyal's "give him a chance" opinion for the New York Times , in which he admits he's struggled to find a single thing President Trump "has... More »

Hidden WWII Report: Japanese Americans No Threat

Neal Katyal 'sets the record straight' at event honoring Asian Americans

(Newser) - Though widely condemned by scholars and judges, the World War II internment of Japanese Americans has never been formally denounced by the Justice Department—until yesterday. Acting Solicitor Gen. Neal Katyal, the top US government courtroom attorney, admitted US misconduct and harshly criticized the actions of one of his predecessors.... More »

Supreme Court Skeptical About Climate Suit

Justices likely to throw out case brought by states against power plants

(Newser) - The Supreme Court looks like it will throw out a major environmental case against coal-fired power plants, reports the Los Angeles Times . The US solicitor general and several justices held that such matters fall under the jurisdiction of the Environmental Protection Agency, and shouldn’t be decided by judges. The... More »

3 Stories