Vera Svenchina

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Zynga CEO's Stalker Also Snuck Into Google

Vera Svechina left behind angry letter, Russian-language book

(Newser) - The story just gets weirder. First, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus got a restraining order against amateur filmmaker/former Russian stripper Vera Svechina, who was reportedly stalking him. Now comes the news that Svechina also gained access to the inner offices of Google in March, leaving behind a Russian-language book and an... More »

FarmVille CEO Gets Restraining Order on Stalker

Former Russian stripper repeatedly visited his home

(Newser) - Another scary story under the category of tech entreprenuer stalkers : Zynga CEO Mark Pincus, head of the company that unleashed FarmVille and its offshoots on the world, had to get a restraining order last month against a female stalker, reports Business Insider . A judge agreed that Vera Svechina, described as... More »

2 Stories