Terry Jones mosque rally

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Terry Jones Jailed Over Mosque Protest

Then he decides to pay $1 bond

(Newser) - A Michigan judge didn't think Terry Jones' plan to hold an armed protest outside a mosque in a heavily Muslim area was such a great idea, and the Koran-torcher got tossed in jail briefly for his trouble, reports the AFP. "The First Amendment does us no good if... More »

Terry Jones Plans Armed Mosque Protest

Koran-burning preacher vows Dearborn rally even if banned

(Newser) - Terry Jones plans to follow up the Koran-burning that sparked deadly protests with an armed Good Friday rally outside America's biggest mosque. Authorities are seeking to block the 5pm demonstration outside the Detroit-area mosque to avoid violence, but Jones, leader of a tiny fundamentalist church in Florida, has vowed... More »

2 Stories