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Convict Really Doesn't Like Hearing His Sentence

David Chislton, 42, allegedly knocks his attorney out cold

(Newser) - An Ohio man who apparently didn't like hearing his prison sentence allegedly reacted by turning and sucker-punching his attorney out cold, Fox 8 Cleveland reports. David Chislton, 42, had just heard his 47-year prison sentence Tuesday when he allegedly socked attorney Aaron Brockler in a Cuyahoga County Common Pleas... More »

Dog Runs Loose in Court —at Judge Judy's Request

Presto! A dog ownership dispute is solved

(Newser) - Judge Judy let a dog make a decision for her in a recent legal case, footage of which has racked up nearly 2.6 million views in just two days. The case centered on a woman who claimed to have bought the dog from a woman on the street and... More »

Courtroom Shocker: Man Hears Sentence, Kills Himself

US man living in Taiwan had just been handed 4-year sentence on drug conviction

(Newser) - A despondent reaction in a Taiwanese courtroom Thursday morning left a 41-year-old American dead. After he was handed a four-year sentence on a drug conviction, Tyrel Martin Marhanka killed himself, the Washington Post reports. Per the Taipei Times , a judge had just informed Marhanka of his punishment for growing pot... More »

Happier Reunion for Judge Who Recognized Inmate as Classmate

Mindy Glazer showed up to cheer Arthur Booth on as he was released from jail

(Newser) - Last summer, an emotional video of a Florida burglary suspect appearing before a judge who turned out to be his middle school classmate went viral. Almost 10 months later, Arthur Booth was released from jail Tuesday—and Judge Mindy Glazer was there to wish him well and see him on... More »

Cops: Man Tries to Hawk Drugs While in Court

Pennsylvania man's plan didn't pan out

(Newser) - A 35-year-old man who showed up in a Pittsburgh traffic courtroom Monday to face charges of driving under suspension was apparently feeling either very reckless or more or less invincible (and invisible). The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Christopher Durkin had wrapped up his hearing and was heading out of the... More »

To Spot a Liar, Look for These 6 Clues

New computer software far outperforms humans

(Newser) - Poker players have been saying, and even living and dying by it, for years: Everyone has a tell. Whether we're lying or telling the truth, most of us reveal ourselves through the tiniest physical and verbal clues, and new lie-detecting software developed at the University of Michigan analyzes these... More »

Official Fumes Over Rap Video Shot in Courtroom

But Jason Mallas, known as Mini Thin, says he's misunderstood

(Newser) - Guns, fatigues, and a violent crime: A rapper used a West Virginia courtroom to film his vigilante-themed music video, and that has disturbed one local official. Hancock County Commissioner Jeff Davis is not happy that the courtroom was used by a Weirton rapper known as Mini Thin. Davis wants his... More »

Deep-Voiced Attorneys Less Likely to Win in Court

A male lawyer's voice can actually predict whether he wins his case

(Newser) - When it comes to leaders, men and women both prefer women who have more masculine voices, research shows. And men are more likely to vote for men who use deeper, more masculine tones, while CEOs with deeper voices tend to make more money and run larger companies. But when it... More »

Denied a Delay, Attorney Brings Her Baby to Court

She files complaint after judge scolds her

(Newser) - An immigration judge in Atlanta denied an attorney's request to delay a hearing that fell during her six-week maternity leave—and then scolded her in front of a packed courtroom when she showed up with her 4-week-old strapped to her chest and the infant began to cry, the attorney... More »

Judge to Attorney: Wear Socks or Be Fined

Attorney to judge: 'I hate socks'

(Newser) - An attorney who habitually appears in court without socks faces sanctions, including possible fines, if he shows up without them again in one Indiana courtroom. Blackford Circuit Judge Dean Young issued an order last week directing attorney Todd Glickfield to wear appropriate business attire, including socks and a tie, in... More »

Gitmo Lawyers: Agents Are Spying on Us

Guantanamo commander admits that cells are bugged

(Newser) - A defense lawyer for alleged 9/11 attackers is crying foul after spotting hidden listening devices in cells used to meet with her clients at Guantanamo Bay, the Guardian reports. And the response from Gitmo's commander—that the bugs were set up by secret agents, yet no eavesdropping is underway—... More »

Court Trend: Defendants in Fake Glasses

Non-prescription eyewear makes clients look 'studious': lawyer

(Newser) - A guy in glasses wouldn't hurt a fly, right? That's what some defense lawyers hope people believe when they tell their clients to wear specs to trial. These days, thick-framed non-prescription "hipster" glasses are all the rage in court, the Washington Post reports. "If you’re... More »

Judge 'Humiliates' Breastfeeding Mom

Laws don't apply in courtroom, he says

(Newser) - A Michigan mother says she was humiliated by a judge who told her breastfeeding in his courtroom was inappropriate. Natalie Hegedus, who was fighting a boating ticket, says she brought her 5-month-old son, who was getting over a fever, to court with her and fed him discreetly in the back... More »

Therapy Dog Helps Teen Rape Victim Get Conviction

But appeal questions whether canines in court sway jury

(Newser) - A man convicted of raping his teenage daughter is filing an appeal that centers around a dog named Rosie—and its outcome could have have repercussions for courtrooms and victims across the country. The New York Times reports on the unusual case: The traumatized 15-year-old girl testified about the rape... More »

Anthony Juror: Our Verdict Made Us Sick

'We didn't have evidence to convict,' says Jennifer Ford

(Newser) - If the Casey Anthony verdict made you ill, it was even worse for the jurors who made the decision, claims one of them. Jurors cried and "were sick to our stomachs" after voting to acquit Anthony of charges that she killed her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, said jury member Jennifer... More »

Lawyer Likens Rape Victim's Vagina to Venus Flytrap

Bizarre question at trial of 2 NYPD cops charged with rape

(Newser) - An attorney representing two cops charged with rape asked if the accuser's vagina was like a "snapping Venus flytrap" as he questioned a medical expert yesterday. "That is a terrible example," interjected an angry judge in the New York City courtroom. The cops are charged with... More »

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