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Mayor Tries to Run Off Roma With Music; Party Ensues

They eventually agree to leave, but not before thanking him for the tunes

(Newser) - A Belgium mayor's brilliant plan to run off a group of Roma camping in his town by playing loud music took an even more brilliant turn this morning, reports Reuters . It seems that the Roma had arrived Sunday in the town of Landen and struck an agreement to park... More »

Greek Mystery Girl's Mom Identified

Sure enough, Sasha Ruseva of Bulgaria is her biological parent

(Newser) - It's official: The "mystery girl" found living with a Roma couple in Greece is the biological daughter of another Roma couple from Bulgaria , DNA tests have confirmed. Sasha Ruseva and her husband Atanas are genetic matches for the girl, who is known as Maria, the Bulgarian Interior Ministry... More »

Bulgarian Woman Could Be Mystery Girl's Mother

Police question Roma woman who left a child in Greece

(Newser) - A Roma woman in Bulgaria said today that police have questioned her about whether she is the mother of a girl found living with an unrelated couple in Greece, and that she is willing to do a DNA test and take the child back if she is proved to be... More »

Could Greece Mystery Girl Be Missing Missouri Child?

It's one of the leads being investigated

(Newser) - Earlier this month, KMOV reported on a case that was "growing cold": that of Lisa Irwin, a 10-month-old who vanished from her Kansas City home two years ago. Now, her parents are wondering if the mystery girl found in Greece could possibly be their baby. NBC News reports that... More »

Roma Flee Vigilante Training Camp

Ultra-right group sets up shop near their Hungarian village

(Newser) - More than 270 Roma women and children evacuated their Hungarian village today after vigilantes established a training camp nearby, the AP reports. The vigilante group, called Vedero, wants “to intimidate the Roma here," said the head of the local Roma council. “We are afraid and we have... More »

5 Stories