Sebastian Junger

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'No Surprise' Marines Urinated on Taliban

War always dehumanizes, but America's torture policies make it worse

(Newser) - The video of US Marines urinating on the corpses of several Taliban members in Afghanistan may have shocked many and earned widespread condemnation —but that shock shows a basic misunderstanding of war, which is inherently dehumanizing, writes Sebastian Junger in the Washington Post . "Of course they have dehumanized... More »

We Needed Hetherington's 'Terrible, Beautiful Vision'

Sebastian Junger pays homage to his late friend's work—and final movie idea

(Newser) - Author Sebastian Junger pays tribute to his friend and Restrepo co-director Tim Hetherington—one of the photojournalists killed in Libya this week—in a Vanity Fair essay. "You had a very specific vision for your work and for your life, and that vision included your death," Junger writes.... More »

2 Stories