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Texas Man Tries to Shoot Armadillo, Shoots Himself


(Newser) - Things not to do in the 2am hour on a Thursday night: attempt to shoot an armadillo. Deputies with the Cass County Sheriff's Department say a Texas man told them he was trying to do that when the bullet apparently ricocheted and struck him in the head instead. The... More »

Florida Warning: Armadillos Are Spreading Leprosy

Playing with wild animals is a bad idea, state experts say

(Newser) - A spike in cases of one of history's most feared diseases has been blamed on a less-than-terrifying animal: the armadillo. Florida has seen nine leprosy cases so far this year, compared to as few as two in a typical year, and health officials believe the increase in cases has... More »

Gunshot Hits Armadillo, but Also Shooter's Mother-in-Law

She was inside house, relaxing on recliner

(Newser) - A Georgia man might be in the dog house after a bullet he fired, meant for an armadillo, managed to find his mother-in-law. Larry McElroy, 54, decided to do away with a pesky armadillo while standing outside about 100 yards from his mother-in-law's mobile home in Lee County on... More »

Texas Woman: Man Hit Me With Frozen Armadillo

Argument arose over price of animal, which woman wanted to eat

(Newser) - This may very well be the weirdest thing you’ll read all day: Dallas police are on the hunt for a man who is accused of attacking a woman with a frozen armadillo. The Sept. 29 altercation occurred in the parking lot of an apartment complex, where the 57-year-old was... More »

To Avoid Leprosy, Stop Playing With Armadillos

Wild ones can transmit disease to humans

(Newser) - Weird health advice of the day: Too much direct contact with armadillos—as in handling or eating them—can cause leprosy. Scientists for the first time have concluded that the animals can spread the disease to humans, reports the Los Angeles Times . The finding helps explain how some of the... More »

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