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White House Walks Back Trump's 'Treasonous' Remark

It was 'tongue in cheek,' spokesman says

(Newser) - The White House says President Trump wasn't speaking seriously when he said it was "treasonous" for Democrats not to clap during his State of the Union address. He was speaking "tongue in cheek" and trying to emphasize positive changes under his leadership that all Americans should celebrate,... More »

Canada Declares Chelsea Manning 'Inadmissible'

She says she plans to appeal decision

(Newser) - Chelsea Manning says Canada has "permanently banned" her—but she's planning to appeal the decision. Manning tweeted a photo Monday of a letter from Canadian authorities describing her as "inadmissible on grounds of serious criminality" because of her conviction under the US Espionage Act, the CBC reports.... More »

10 Awful Things We'd Do for Money

Murder, sex, assault, treason, pornography, and so much more

(Newser) - Judging by the skyrocketing Powerball jackpot , Americans are willing to turn a blind eye to statistics in the pursuit of easy money. But it turns out that's not the worst thing we'd do for a payday. "Many Americans admit they would be willing to go to incredible,... More »

Inside North Korea's Bizarre, Compulsory Elections

Voters were "singing and dancing" as they cast their ballots

(Newser) - To say North Koreans turned out in droves to vote in state elections yesterday would be an understatement, because state media are reporting 99.7% voter turnout, Sky News reports. That's only the first eyebrow-raiser about the country's electoral process, held every four years so voters can "... More »

Musharraf Charged With High Treason

Former Pakistan president pleads not guilty

(Newser) - Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf actually showed up at a court hearing today, where he was charged with high treason . Musharraf, military ruler of the country from 1999 until 2008, had a new lawyer with him as he pleaded not guilty to each of five charges: three counts of subverting,... More »

South Korean Lawmaker Jailed for Pro-North Plot

Left-wing Lee Seok-ki has denied treason allegations

(Newser) - For the first time in South Korea's nearly three decades as a democracy, a member of parliament has been convicted of treason. Left-wing lawmaker Lee Seok-ki has been sentenced to 12 years in prison over plans he discussed with 130 attendees of a late-night meeting in May, the Wall ... More »

Musharraf Skips Court, Goes to Hospital Instead

It's the 3rd hearing he's missed in 2 weeks

(Newser) - Pakistan's former President Pervez Musharraf was rushed to the hospital today with a "heart problem" he experienced while on his way to a court hearing in a high treason case , police and lawyers said. The unexpected detour is the latest drama in the legal problems that the former... More »

Pakistan Will Try Musharraf for Treason

Former strongman could face life in prison, death

(Newser) - Pakistan has been showing signs of easing up on Pervez Musharraf , but today it announced that the former military dictator is going to stand trial on charges of treason for his imposition of emergency rule in 2007. A guilty verdict could result in a death sentence or life in prison,... More »

Snowden's Dad: 'Come Home and Face This'

Lon Snowden calls on son not to commit treason

(Newser) - Edward Snowden 's dad has a message for his son, via Fox News : It's time to come home. In the meantime, "I hope, I pray and I ask that you will not release any secrets that could constitute treason," Lon Snowden says. Some would like... More »

Edward Snowden: Hero or Traitor?

Pundits weigh in on both sides

(Newser) - He's either a hero of grand scale or a traitor of the worst kind. Here's a look at some of the opinions about NSA leaker Edward Snowden :
  • John Cassidy, New Yorker : He's clearly a hero. "He has performed a great public service that more than outweighs
... More »

Musharraf Flees After Court Orders Him Arrested

Former leader hurries into black SUV

(Newser) - A Pakistani court has called for the arrest of former leader Pervez Musharraf—and what followed is what the AP describes as a "dramatic scene." Musharraf was in court seeking bail when the order, tied to the house arrest of judges in 2007, was issued. In such cases,... More »

Pakistan Court Summons Musharraf for Treason

Just as former President was making a return to politics

(Newser) - It's looking like an up-and-down kind of week for Pakistan's widely reviled former president. Just a day after a court gave Pervez Musharraf permission to run for office again, Pakistan's supreme court has demanded he face possible treason charges, the AP reports. A conviction could mean a... More »

Russia's Tough Treason Law Now in Effect

Putin promised to review bill 2 days ago, signed it instead

(Newser) - An ever-benevolent Vladimir Putin listened to fears surrounding a vaguely worded treason bill on Monday, ultimately promising to proceed with caution and "return to this again, to look more attentively." The next day, he just signed it, reports Reuters . The ruling expands the definition of treason to include... More »

Bin Laden Snitch Wasn't Convicted of Treason

Shakil Afridi was actually convicted of colluding with a warlord

(Newser) - The Pakistani doctor who helped the CIA find Osama bin Laden was never actually charged with treason, as was initially reported . Shakil Afridi, who was sentenced to 33 years in prison, was actually convicted of colluding with anti-government Islamist warlord Mangal Bagh, tribal court documents show. The fact that Afridi... More »

Perry Made 'Rookie Mistake' With Bernanke Comments

... or is a little 'hyperbole' being overblown by media?

(Newser) - Rick Perry's comments about Ben Bernanke and treason continue to dominate the political chatter. A few takes:
  • John Podhoretz, Commentary : "What Perry did was make a thoughtless blunder, an unforced error; we’re now going to spend a couple of days discussing whether he was summoning violence on
... More »

Zimbabwe's PM May Face Treason in WikiLeaks Fallout

Tsvangirai's support for sanctions prompts treason probe

(Newser) - Zimbabwe’s prime minister could face treason charges over material in WikiLeaks’ cable releases, the Guardian reports. One leaked cable suggests Morgan Tsvangirai said sanctions against his country “must be kept in place.” Now the attorney general is planning an investigation. “The WikiLeaks appear to show a... More »

Congressman: WikiLeaker Should Be Executed

It's a capital offense, says Mike Rogers

(Newser) - Republican congressman Mike Rogers called for the execution of Army analyst Bradley Manning in a radio interview yesterday if investigators find that he leaked classified information to WikiLeaks. "If they don't charge him with treason, they ought to charge him with murder," said Rogers, who sits on the... More »

Windsors Schemed to Deny Elizabeth Throne

Duke plotted to step in as his brother's health failed

(Newser) - Within a decade of abdicating the throne, the former Edward VIII was plotting a return to power that involved an end run around his niece Elizabeth—better known today as Queen Elizabeth II. A letter the Duke of Windsor wrote in 1946, when his brother and successor King George VI... More »

Protester Tries to Handcuff Rove

San Francisco woman attempts citizen's arrest for treason

(Newser) - A protester attempted to slap the cuffs on Karl Rove in San Francisco yesterday, in what she called a citizen's arrest for treason, the LA Times reports. Rove was having a debate with former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell at a mortgage bankers' convention when a well-dressed woman walked onstage... More »

Zimbabwe Jails Opposition Leaders

No. 2 faces treason charges; Tsvangirai detained, released

(Newser) - President Robert Mugabe's regime struck at the opposition leadership today, just two weeks before Zimbabwe's presidential runoff election, twice detaining his challenger and jailing the opposition party's No. 2 official on treason charges, which carry the death penalty. Presidential candidate Morgan Tsvangirai was stopped at a roadblock and held at... More »

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