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Filipino Cops to Wear Diapers During Pope's Visit

Plan to keep bathroom runs at bay has been 'well received,' Manila official says

(Newser) - Pope Francis will be visiting the Philippines next week, and the country's traffic enforcement officers are on the ready—diapers and all. Francis Tolentino, the chairman of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, says that the 2,000-strong traffic team on duty during the Jan. 15-19 visit will be made... More »

Mexican State's Answer to Police Corruption? Hire Women

Preferably tall, thin ones

(Newser) - Authorities in the State of Mexico believe they have a solution to the problem of rampant corruption amongst traffic police: replace them all with women. But only tall, thin ones. "We get too many short and fat ones," says a local police chief, who has taken on 60... More »

Does Kim Jong Un Owe His Life to Female Traffic Cop?

Ri Kyong Sim dubbed 'Hero of the Republic'

(Newser) - News of a traffic cop receiving an award wouldn't usually make international news. But when the cop happens to be from North Korea, and the honor happens to be the "Hero of the Republic" award, it's a different story. South Korea media is speculating that Ri Kyong... More »

About 10% of Drivers Don't Have a License

Suspending licenses doesn't keep people off the roads

(Newser) - The roads are full of people who aren’t legally allowed to drive—in large part because lots of people ignore license suspensions. Roughly one in 10 American motorists doesn’t have a valid license, experts tell the St. Petersburg Times , and though some never had them, most lost them... More »

LA Traffic Cops Appear in Porn Video While on the Job

Los Angeles city officials open investigation

(Newser) - This would fall under the only-in-LA category: City officials are looking into allegations that two traffic cops appeared in a porn video—while on the job and in uniform, reports KNBC-TV . Apparently, their boss found out about it and took no disciplinary action, and now the city transportation department has... More »

5 Stories