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Diver to Hunt for Osama's Body

California salvage diver wants to be really sure we got him

(Newser) - Osama bin Laden may be sleeping with the fishes, but he's a wanted man still: A California diver Fox News describes as "eccentric" is going to scour the Arabian Sea until he finds—and photographs—the corpse of the notorious terrorist. For the bargain price of $400,000,... More »

Radicals Name Osama's Watery Grave 'Martyr's Sea'

Obama shrugs off criticisms burial was disrespectful

(Newser) - The administration has said it buried Osama bin Laden at sea in part so devotees wouldn’t have a shrine to flock to—but that may have backfired. Radicals are now calling the entire Arabian Sea “Martyr’s Sea,” according to the Muslim Chaplain of Cambridge University. “... More »

US Official: bin Laden Buried at Sea

Easiest way to dispose of remains, source tells AP

(Newser) - Looks like Osama bin Laden's body won't be coming to the US. The terror mastermind was "buried at sea" following a raid by US forces on his Pakistan hideout, an American official has told AP . Authorities decided to handle his body according to Islamic traditions, which call... More »

3 Stories