Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti

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Torture Didn't Help Catch bin Laden, Report Finds

Senate Intelligence Committee: No evidence tortured detainees gave up crucial info

(Newser) - The report that has thrown the CIA into a bitter fight with the Senate Intelligence Committee concludes that there is no evidence that torture helped the agency find Osama bin Laden, congressional aides and other sources tell the AP . The CIA has argued that "harsh interrogation techniques" like waterboarding... More »

Meet the Agent Who Found bin Laden

The story of the unsung CIA man who hunted the leader for a decade

(Newser) - By now, you’ve seen the photo of Obama administration brass awaiting word of the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound. What you haven’t seen is the CIA agent standing just outside the frame, a man the AP identifies only as “John.” He spent years doggedly... More »

A Prisoner, a Call, a Courier: How They Found bin Laden

Intel from detainees, tapped phones led to courier

(Newser) - It wasn’t long after 9/11 when a detainee in one of the CIA’s secret prisons first mentioned the name Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti. That name—plus years of intelligence work—would eventually lead America to Osama bin Laden, the AP reports. The first break came in 2004, when an... More »

3 Stories