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Google Really Wants Someone to Hack Chromebook

Not a single person has been able to, so the company has doubled the reward to $100K

(Newser) - For six years Google has been leaning on some of the world's best hackers to find problems in a wide range of its products through its bug bounty program, paying $2 million to hundreds of winners last year alone. But after announcing a $50,000 reward for the persistent... More »

Google's New Chromebook Is a Joke

Pundits can't believe the $1.3K price tag

(Newser) - Google unveiled its new touchscreen Chromebook yesterday, and it was not what anyone was expecting. Until now, Google's Chromebooks have been exceedingly cheap, but the Chromebook Pixel will cost a whopping $1,300—for a computer that can only run web apps. Here's what pundits are saying:
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... More »

Google Unveils 'Chromebooks'

New laptops go on sale in June, priced from $349 to $499

(Newser) - The first laptops running Google’s Chrome OS will hit in June, the company announced yesterday, in an announcement it’s spent two years building up to. The first models will be manufactured by Acer and Samsung and priced $349 to $499, the Wall Street Journal reports. Google won’t... More »

3 Stories