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Why the Daniels Family Vetoed Mitch's 2012 Run

Wife Cheri simply didn't want the scrutiny, insiders say

(Newser) - When Mitch Daniels asked his wife Cheri to deliver the keynote at the Indiana GOP’s spring dinner earlier this month, sources say it was partially an attempt to show her how well-received she would be when she entered the spotlight. But it didn’t work; as we learned yesterday,... More »

2012 Not Looking Good for Women

Candidates 'provocative but unelectable': Dee Dee Myers

(Newser) - The 2008 election brought us the first victory by a woman in a presidential primary, not to mention the first female GOP candidate for national office. But 2012 isn’t shaping up so nicely for women: Those making headlines are either “provocative but unelectable” or “provocative but who... More »

Run, Mitch Daniels, Run

He shouldn't be president, but he'd be a great candidate: Ruth Marcus

(Newser) - Ruth Marcus would very much like Mitch Daniels to not only run for president but to win the GOP nomination. Not because she wants him in the White House—she doesn't—but because he would make President Obama a stronger candidate. The Indiana governor would force Obama "to... More »

3 Stories