Georgia immigration law

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Obama Goes on Offense Vs. Immigration Laws

Administration may challenge laws in a half dozen states

(Newser) - Even as Alabama’s stringent new immigration law takes effect today , the Obama administration is ramping up efforts to challenge it and other laws like it around the country. The administration has already sued Arizona and Alabama, its lawyers are talking with Utah officials about another suit there, and Georgia,... More »

Ga. Governor to Farms: Hire Ex-Cons, Not Immigrants

One farmer says they're 'scared to death' of the idea

(Newser) - Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has a suggestion for all the farmers panicking over a new law cracking down on illegal immigrant labor: Hire ex-convicts instead. A state-commissioned survey this week showed that farmers expected to be short about 11,000 laborers thanks to the law, which requires businesses with 10... More »

Mexico Hops on Suit Over Georgia Immigration Law

10 other countries also sign on

(Newser) - Mexico and 10 other countries have filed amicus briefs in a lawsuit that asks a judge to declare Georgia's new immigration law unconstitutional and block it from being enforced. The lawsuit was filed two weeks ago by civil liberties groups, who are asking US District Judge Thomas Thrash to... More »

Santana to Georgia: You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself

Blasts state for 'cruel law,' and has harsh words for Arizona, too

(Newser) - Carlos Santana is not happy with Georgia's new immigration law —or the Arizona law it's modeled on, for that matter. "The people of Arizona, and the people of Atlanta, Georgia, you should be ashamed of yourselves," the musician said at yesterday's annual baseball Civil... More »

Tough Immigration Bill Becomes Law in Georgia

Governor signs Arizona-style measures into law

(Newser) - Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has signed some of the country's toughest anti-illegal immigration measures into law. The Georgia law—largely modeled on Arizona's—allows local police to question certain suspects about their immigration status, penalizes people who knowingly transport illegal immigrants, and makes using fake ID to get... More »

5 Stories